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Media Alerts & Announcements

Growthink Hosts 2nd Annual Global Entrepreneurship Week Event in NYC

November 08, 2012

New York, NY November 8th 2012 -- Growthink, Inc. would like to announce that they're teaming up again this year with the Unleashing Ideas Non-Profit organization to bring Global Entrepreneurship Week to New York City.

Growthink's Thursday, November 15th workshop will be presented at Marymount Manhattan College on the Upper East Side from 3pm-5pm.

Start At The End author & Growthink's President, Dave Lavinsky, will be helping entrepreneurs grow their ideas & inventions in to profitable businesses and also speaking to small business owners on how to bounce back quickly from a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy.

Click here to see footage of last year's successful GEW event in NYC.


Growthink Announces New Client PowerStretch

November 08, 2012

Los Angeles, CA November 08, 2012 Growthink, Inc, a leading business planning firm and investment bank that has helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs to successfully start, grow, and or sell their dream companies, has announced the signing of their newest client, PowerStretch, LLC. Here is their website to learn more about the products:

Growthink was founded over a decade ago to assist companies in conducting market research, developing financial models, writing business plans, and offering packages to raise capital. Since that time, Growthink clients have successfully raised more than $2.5 billion in growth capital and have built successful businesses across numerous industries.

PowerStretch, LLC was founded in 2008 to develop, manufacture and market products that provide users a better, faster and safer way to achieve maximum body flexibility at the touch of a button. Brian Pilsl, General Partner of PowerStretch, LLC says its far different from most market categories for strength and conditioning today where thousands of products exist, stretching products are very limited in quantity and in functionality or scope. Brian states that medical research supports that people with back pain, range of motion problems, cramped muscles and injuries, or who seek maximum performance, flexibility work is indispensable.

“We have spent our time and resources developing the most effective and safest products possible. We are now excited to work with the business planning experts at Growthink to develop compelling marketing tactics and a strategic plan so that we can deliver our products to the sizeable market of individuals and professionals searching for flexibility solutions,” said Pilsl, also a Managing Director at PowerStretch, LLC.

“Our Growthink team is excited to welcome PowerStretch to our network of successful entrepreneurs and small business success stories and to develop a clear strategic road map so that the PowerStretch team can confidently articulate their unique value proposition as they seek the best capital partnership for their fast growing company.” says Dave Lavinsky, President & Co-founder of Growthink.

Growthink Joins Instagram

August 07, 2012

Growthink, Inc. announces that they've joined Instagram to inspire clients and the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs they've helped succeed, maintain motivation and continue to create jobs, solve problems and seize opportunities.

Please join the Growthink team as they continue to help entrepreneurs succeed worldwide. Follow Growthink's new Instagram account @Growthink or simply -> click here <- to "like" Growthink on facebook.

Growthink Presents at the New York Xpo for Business 2012

May 07, 2012

May 3, 2012 - New York City, New York -- Over the course of two days in early May, more than 10,000 attendees visited the New York Xpo for Business making it the largest tradeshow for entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses. Growthink, Inc. was invited to participate and keynote to Presidents, CEOs and top executives of privately held firms entering the next phase of growth. Attendees diligently listened to Growthink's President, Dave Lavinsky who presented on the topic of 'How to Double Your Profits' and stayed after for questions. Entrepreneurs stuck around long after Dave ended his presentation to interact with the New York Growthink team and meet other exciting startup and small business owners.

Growthink Brings Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011 to NYC

November 03, 2011

Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebrates Innovators and Job Creators; Hosts Growthink, Inc. at “10 Steps to Start, Grow & Sell Your Business” Event

In Growthink’s powerful live, in-person seminar, “10 Steps to Start, Grow & Sell Your Business,” Growthink co-founder and President Dave Lavinsky will teach his 10 steps for entrepreneurial success. He will show entrepreneurs how to effectively and efficiently start their businesses, grow them, and initiate multi-million dollar exits.

The event will be held on Friday, November 18th at Marymount Manhattan College, Regina Peruggi Room (2nd Floor); located on 221 East 71st Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in New York City. Dave Lavinsky is scheduled to begin speaking at 10am and will present and have time for questions until Noon. 

To reserve your seat, please RSVP to Raquel A. Castillo, [email protected] or by dialing 914-514-8036.

Click here learn more about Global Entrepreneurship Week USA 2011.

Jay Turo to Speak on Venture Capital Panel

August 08, 2011

Growthink co-founder and CEO Jay Turo has been asked to speak on the Venture Capital panel at the Daily Deal Media Conference on September 8th and 9th in Chicago.

Daily Deal Media is the nation's leading provider of news, data and intelligence for Social Commerce and the Daily Deal Industry. Daily Deal Media tracks and rates publishers and merchants using key performance indicators such as daily sales, product offerings, performance metrics and deal history which allows us to provide our clients with valuable deal data and business intelligence.

Other members of the Venture Capital panel include Phin Barnes of First Round Capital and Ben Black of Akkadian Ventures.

Growthink Sponsors Interactive Program on the Future of Advertising

January 31, 2011

Growthink, Inc. will host an online, interactive event focused on the rapid changes taking place in online advertising and media – and how these changes may impact private equity investors, marketers, and the thousands of emerging companies competing in an increasingly crowded field of technology-based marketing services.

The live Web event, free for participants, will take place on Tuesday, February 1st at 1:00 pm EST / 10:00 am PST.    

Program highlights to include:

  • Insights from the chief executives of two up and coming firms succeeding in this new advertising environment and experiencing rapid growth and tangible ROI due to their unique offerings.
  • A sector snapshot from Growthink developed with the input of dozens of media and advertising executives, private equity investors, M&A bankers, entrepreneurs, sector analysts, and others deeply involved in the industry.
  • Analysis on what emerging advertising business models to invest in … and to run from.
  • A roadmap for young companies in the category hoping to successfully attract capital, execute their business strategies, rapidly acquire clients, and even reach the Holy Grail – exiting at an eye popping valuation.    


For more, click here


Growthink Named Strategic Advisor to Sonoma Risk Insurance Agency

August 30, 2010

Los Angeles, CA - Growthink has been selected as a strategic advisor to Sonoma Risk Management, a Los Angeles based insurance agency dedicated to providing innovative and affordable litigation insurance to individuals, businesses, and corporations. Its policies are underwritten by Zurich North America, a leading global insurance carrier.

Based in Los Angeles, with regional offices planned for the Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast, Sonoma Risk is comprised of a skilled management team of seasoned professionals within the legal and insurance industries.

For more information go to

Growthink's work on behalf of Sonoma includes advice and assistance regarding various strategic alternatives, including outside financing and growth through strategic acquisitions.  To learn more about Growthink's work on behalf of Sonoma Risk, please contact Ashumi Kothary at [email protected].

Growthink Advises Trees for Children on Venture Philanthropy Strategy

August 06, 2010

Los Angeles, CA - Growthink has been mandated as the strategic business planning and fundraising partner for Make a Mark Foundation's Trees for Children Initiative. 
Make a Mark was established in 1993 as a non-profit foundation sponsored by The Noel Group, and with the help of supporters is focused its efforts on the looming orphan crisis.
As a result of the devastating AIDS pandemic, millions of orphans and vulnerable children are being left to fend for themselves. Make a Mark is working with a coalition of partners to support lasting and sustainable business solutions to the growing orphan crisis
Trees for Children is currently active in the Nyumbani Village, Kitui Kenya, where they are currently undertaking a 10-year project to plant a dry-land adapted tree species, Melia Volkensii, on 500 acres of land - 50 acres every year. Melia is an indigenous high-value tree species that will be sold as logs or timber products upon maturity. The trees are being watered with solar pumps and drip irrigation to insure they will survive the arid weather. The revenues generated will be enough to care for one village and also help plant more trees to benefit other AIDS orphans.

At the end of 10 years, the 300,000 trees planted will have offset tons of carbon emissions and improved the microclimate of the surrounding areas. Trees For Children – Kenya is a long-term strategy for sustainability that will provide funding indefinitely for current and future intergenerational villages. It is a concept Make a Mark hopes the entire world will embrace.

Growthink is currently acting as a strategic advisor to Trees for Children, helping to complete a business plan and define their fundraising strategy. 

Please contact Tristan Sigerson or Brittany Lawson at Growthink at (310) 846-5000 for more information or Contact Sasha Gainullin at Make a Mark - [email protected] - to learn how you can help. 

Growthink Launches Crowdfunding Formula

July 06, 2010

In 1957, the venture capital industry was born.

But in 2010, a brand new funding source arose that’s going to blow venture capital out of the water.

Within the next year, over 100 TIMES more companies will raise money from this new source than will raise venture capital.

What is this revolutionary new funding source?

It’s called Crowdfunding.

According to Growthink President Dave Lavinsky, “Crowdfunding is the most significant new fundraising tactic for entrepreneurs in 53 years. Because Crowdfunding is about raising money from friends, acquaintances and the general internet “crowd,” for the first time ever, there are more people giving out money then entrepreneurs seeking money. This changes everything!”

The bad news is that since Crowdfunding is so new, most entrepreneurs don’t know how to raise it and fail when they try.

That’s why Growthink just completed a comprehensive training course called Crowdfunding Formula, to teach entrepreneurs how to successfully raise money via crowdfunding.

Among other things, Crowdfunding Formula lays out the 14 steps that entrepreneurs must follow to raise Crowdfunding dollars.

You can learn more about Crowdfunding Formula here.

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