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I religiously read your email every morning. Your insights are invaluable to all entrepreneurs wanting to take their business to another level.”

John Carvalho
Managing Director
Stone Oak Capital Inc.

Really lots of value coming from the newsletters. Almost too much! Thanks!”

Bob Rogers

I love your newsletters! The issues are not only right on time with good insightful information, the trivia questions and Dave's personal input gives the communication a personal touch that I enjoy. Keep up the great work! ”

Nikki Webster
Manga Design Group, LLC

I have had several "Aha" moments when reading your newsletter. It has become one of my go-to resources for building my company.

TG Barnes
TG Barnes Wellness Group, Inc

Your newsletter is very helpful. I'm getting lots of new ideas for my business from it. More than that, I am now able to avoid committing mistakes by going through your newsletter. Thanks a lot for publishing it, and wishing you all the very best.

Dr. Siby Varghese
Managing Director
Maxxmech Engineering Corporation

I recently purged my email subscription list. However, your newsletter and the NY Times are the only two I kept outside of my direct industry emails. You are succinct and relevant in this info-jammed world.


Dave. Thank You for all the valuable information you share here. It's a leverage and help for me. I'm starting my business and I'm learning very much from all your issues.


It is true what everyone is saying. I read your whole newsletter every time and can't wait for the next one. I'm implementing some great business ideas and I will say on some great podium someday soon where I got some of the help.


Love receiving your newsletters and emails!!!! Thanks much for the 'food for thought' ... didn't realize how starved I was until you sent....


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Dave. You inspire people with your positive outlook on life and good energy that are essential for success.

Eva Eveda

I like the changes in your newsletter. If flows nicely and has lots of value added features. Great work.

Lisa Saline

I started out as a volunteer for a small non-profit and now have a leadership role. I'm learning by the seat of my pants how to run this "business" (without a business background.) Your tips and guidelines are really helpful! Thanks!

Amy Nami

Hi Dave

Your newsletters are great.


Dave, There are no words to thank you. There are only a small number of people like you to give what they have to the world.


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