8/25/2021 Tip: Meet Them on Social Media

Today’s Quote

“Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.”
~ Jim Rohn


Today’s Tip

This week I’ve been telling you about ways to meet venture capitalists (VCs). 

Another proven way to accomplish this is to meet them on social media.

  1. Meet Them on Twitter

Many VCs are active on Twitter.  So find them on Twitter and then follow them. See what they’re posting about and use that to start a dialogue with them (via direct messaging, replying to a tweet, etc.).

  1. Meet Them on LinkedIn

LinkedIn makes it very easy to find and get connected with VCs. As you grow your LinkedIn network, you’ll gain more and more connections to VCs.

Once the targeted VC is in your network, send them a LinkedIn message.


Today’s Resource

Forget Old School!

The “old-school” way of raising venture capital is DEAD! 

And that’s why I created this page for you… to show you how to do it right.

See the right way to raise venture capital <– 

There’s a common mistake almost every entrepreneur makes… and if you approach venture capitalists like most entrepreneurs, you’ll NEVER get funded. 

Here’s how to do it right <—



Today’s Question: Observations from the Hubble in 2004 suggest that an artist might have based what 1889 masterpiece on his view of the V838 Monocerotis star and the cloud of gas surrounding it?

Previous Question: Name the icon from the clues:

  1. Nickname comes from a slang term used to describe a reliable servant
  2. Designed by Childe Harold Wills, Joseph A. Galamb and Eugene Farkas 
  3. Available in its most famous color only from 1914; till then grey was for town ones and red for touring ones

Previous Answer: The Ford Model T.

The Model T was called the ‘Tin Lizzie’ (an old-fashioned slang nickname) because of the dependability of the vehicle.


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