12/9/2021 Tip: Make It Easy to Buy from You

Today’s Quote

“Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching.”
~ George Van Valkenburg


Today’s Tip

When you make it easy to buy from your company, you’ll get more sales.

For example, not accepting credit cards will dramatically hurt the sales of many businesses.

Similarly, making customers complete tedious paperwork (that may not really be necessary) may frighten off some customers.

Conversely, having your product for sale not only on your website, but on Amazon, eBay and others, could make it easier for some customers to purchase from you and prompt more sales.

So, think about ways to make it easier for current and prospective customers to buy from you.


Today’s Resource

Want More Customers? (Do this now…)

If you want more customers, you need a better marketing plan.

A better marketing plan will focus your efforts on the activities that will actually work… so you generate more leads, customers and increase your sales and profits.

The problem is this — creating a marketing plan from scratch could take you 100+ hours — and you don’t have time for that!

And I’ve got good news today…

Using my proven marketing plan template, you can create an effective marketing plan in just 1 day!

The 1-Day Marketing Plan <— 



Today’s Question: What Japanese company’s name is derived from the Latin word “sonus” meaning sound?

Previous Question: Which cosmetics and perfume company was originally named the California Perfume Company?

Previous Answer:  Avon.

The story goes that, when visiting Shakespeare’s home at Stratford-On-Avon, California Perfume Company founder David H. McConnell was taken by the way the countryside resembled that around his home in Suffern, New York.  

The “Avon” name stuck with him and, in 1928, the company began to use this name on their products in addition to the California Perfume Company name, in small letters. 

In 1939, two years after his father’s death, David McConnell Jr. renamed the company “Avon.”


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