5/28/2021 Tip: Let me think about it

Today’s Quote

“The entrepreneur builds an enterprise; the technician builds a job.”
~ Michael Gerber


Today’s Tip

Today we’ll continue with the common marketing objections you’ll hear and how to overcome them.

Today’s Objection: Let me think about it/I need to speak with my partner/manager/etc.

Sometimes prospects legitimately need to think about a decision. Or they need to discuss it with someone else. With regards to the latter, ask questions from the beginning to determine if there’s another decision-maker. And if so, bring that other decision-maker into the conversation earlier so you can “sell” both decision-makers at once (rather than having to do it twice).

With regards to the prospect requiring time to consider the decision, make sure to follow-up with them while they’re making that decision. That doesn’t mean calling or emailing every hour. But rather periodically checking in on them. Importantly, find reasons to check in. For example, maybe you read about something in the news that you think they’d find interesting. If so, call or email them with the piece of news. When you do, there’s no need to even bring up the sale you want to close. Rather, focus on helping them and staying in touch, and each time you do, you’ll move closer to securing the sale.


Today’s Resource

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Today’s Question: Fill in the missing words in these iconic advertising lines which were famous in the 1950s and 1960s:  “I dreamed I went shopping in my ______, I dreamed I was way out in my ______, I dreamed I played Cleopatra in my _____, I dreamed I had a swinging time in my _____.

Previous Question: Who’s first advertisement was on the back of a pizza box?  

Answer: Dell’s first advertisement was on the back of a pizza box.  

This shows that you don’t have to do any fancy advertising to get noticed.  It was the simple advertisement that got them started.

What simple marketing can you do to help you get started? 

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