5/29/2021 Tip: Just Send Me the Info

Today’s Quote

“Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic.”
~ Dale Carnegie


Today’s Tip

Today I will present you with the final common marketing objection and how to overcome it.

Today’s Objection: Just Send Me the Info

I must admit that as a customer, I use this one a lot. 

I use it mostly when I don’t clearly understand what the product or service does. My time is precious to me and I can generally more quickly understand what the product/service does by reading the first paragraph of the website. I sometimes give the salesperson 30 seconds to explain what it does, but many times, they go over.

So, the best way to overcome this objection is to say “can I tell you in 15 seconds what my product/service does?” 

If they say “yes” then convey the key feature and value proposition in 15 seconds.

After giving your pitch, say “is this something you may be interested in?”

If they say “no,” that’s fine. If they give you a “yes,” start asking questions, build rapport and hopefully close the sale.

Getting new customers is one of the hardest things a business must do. By considering the objections I presented to you this week, and preparing for them (via adjusting your marketing materials and training your sales team), you will more successfully attract new customers. This can and will give you a competitive advantage, and allow you to grow a successful company.


Today’s Resource

Is your marketing plan working?

Ask yourself these 3 questions to tell if your marketing is failing or succeeding:

  1. Does your marketing generate a steady flow of new leads and sales?
  2. Are your marketing activities growing your profits month after month?
  3. Is your marketing so powerful that your competitors would do anything to get their hands on your marketing plan?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, you need to stop what you’re doing, and fix your marketing plan right now.

Fix your marketing plan <–



Today’s Question: In 2009, Warner Bros. created a website called red2blu.com for customers interested in what type of swap? 

Previous Question: Fill in the missing words in these iconic advertising lines which were famous in the 1950s and 1960s:  “I dreamed I went shopping in my ______, I dreamed I was way out in my ______, I dreamed I played Cleopatra in my _____, I dreamed I had a swinging time in my _____.

Answer: “I dreamed I went shopping in my Maidenform Bra, I dreamed I was way out in my Maidenform Bra, I dreamed I played Cleopatra in my Maidenform Bra, I dreamed I had a swinging time in my Maidenform Bra.

Talk about repetition! The campaign ran for 20 years and made the product known around the world.  

Because of the way they marketed their product, they not only reached a narrow market, but also a very wide market.  Maidenform’s plan worked for them for many years.  How can you make your marketing memorable? 

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