10/12/2021 Tip: Is Your Company Creative Enough?

Today’s Quote

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.”
~ Jack Welch


Today’s Tip

In his book, “Too Fast to Think: How to Reclaim Your Creativity in a Hyper-connected Work Culture,” author Chris Lewis describes the eight traits: Quiet of creative companies as follows:

  1. Quiet – creativity requires quiet and concentration
  2. Engage – it needs focus and commitment
  3. Dream – imagination and free thinking are needed
  4. Relax – creativity necessitates patience and can’t not be forced
  5. Release – to be creative, you must let go and accept that you can not do everything
  6. Repeat – creativity requires experimentation and repetition
  7. Play – creativity results from doing the things you enjoy and love
  8. Teach – people learn more about and become more creativity by helping others

Make sure to do these things in your business.


Today’s Resource

Do you have the right plan?

The right strategic plan for your business includes:

1) the best strategy to follow

2) a written roadmap so there’s no confusion as to what your team needs to accomplish and when

Our strategic plan template allows you to quickly create a winning plan.

In no time, you’ll have a strong plan to follow so your company wins.

Why play the game of entrepreneurship if you’re not going to win?

Create a winning strategic plan <–



Today’s Question: Legend says that George Washington threw what object over the Potomac River?

Previous Question: What name was given to the man-portable anti-tank rocket launcher which saw widespread use during WWII?

Previous Answer: The bazooka.

It was nicknamed “bazooka” from a vague resemblance to the musical instrument of the same name invented and used by Bob Burns. The word “bazooka” is often incorrectly used to refer to any shoulder-launched missile weapon.


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