Growthink's 360o Webinar:

"Do YOU Make These Internet Marketing Mistakes?"

For many businesses, internet marketing is the “low hanging fruit” -- the most-cost effective method for gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage.

However, most websites are poorly optimized for search engines and are not effectively designed to generate leads or produce sales.

That’s why we developed an Internet Marketing webinar that identifies common mistakes as well as proven strategies and tactics to accelerate your website’s growth and profitability.

The webinar provides an overview of the key components to a successful internet marketing campaign: search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), social media and email marketing.

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What Past Webinar Attendees Have Said

"It was a high-energy, professional presentation."

- Bob P., St. Joseph, IL

"Well organized, good ideas, very knowledgeable... Many of the ideas are actionable..."

- Peter L., Charleston, SC

"I felt that the webinar was well organized and timely, the information presented was clear and concise."

- Manuel M., Santa Clara, CA

"Managed to keep a complex subject simple and broad enough for a varied audience. Time well spent-- not too long, but long enough to have substance. The webinar format worked beautifully."

- Kathryne P., Conyers, Georgia

"Very useful information shared in a casual and engaging format."

- Craig T., Newport Beach, CA

"It was well prepared and the knowledge transfer was great. I will attend future presentations."

- Marja W., Concord, CA

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