12/17/2021 Tip: Identifying Your Long-Term Vision

Today’s Quote

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”
~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Today’s Tip

When starting a business, most entrepreneurs dream about the finish line; specifically how their lives will be radically better once their business becomes a huge success.

But, soon after they start their businesses, entrepreneurs/business owners become trapped in the day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month goals of generating more sales and profits, improving employee performance, and trying to reduce their hours and stress.

At some point, the vast majority of entrepreneurs become 100% focused on these short-term goals and lose sight of their long-term visions. As a result, they begin to wander, and never achieve the vision they initially hoped to achieve.

The solution is rather simple: you need to stop what you’re doing and dream again about the finish line. Specifically, you need to reassess what it is that you’re trying to accomplish with your business.

In many cases, this long-term vision will be the same as the long-term vision you had when you started your business. In other cases, your long-term vision might have changed.

But in EVERY case, you must reassess what your long-term vision is, or you’ll have virtually no chance of achieving it.

So right now, I’d like for you to write down what your ultimate goal is for your business.

For example, do you want to sell it to another company? Sell/give it to your employees or children? Take it public? Continue to run it forever and reap ongoing profits?

Write this down and tomorrow I’ll show you how to achieve your vision by reverse engineering it. 


Today’s Resource

How to Build a $10 Million+ Company in 2022

What’s the difference between successful multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and the typical small business owner just struggling to get by?

Well, there are a LOT of differences, actually…

But I’ve summarized the main differences on this page:

How to Build a $10 Million+ Company in 2022 <—- 

The really interesting part is that you don’t have to work yourself to death to grow a wildly successful, eight-figure business…

In fact, when you follow this formula, you can make much more by working less…

How to Build a $10 Million+ Company in 2022 <—- 



Today’s Question: It is known as the largest bank in Germany with two twin towers rising up to 509 feet in height. What is this bank’s name and what are the special names given to these two towers?

Previous Question: What popular product was founded by 7 Italian brothers who were adept at making airplane propellers?

Previous Answer:  The Jacuzzi.

The creators of the Jacuzzi tub were seven Italian brothers, Frank, Candido, Giocondo, Galindo, Joseph, Valeriano, and Rachele Jacuzzi, who immigrated to the United States in about 1900. The brother Candido applied the design for the agricultural deep well pumps to a submersible water pump after his son developed rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 15 months. 

Candido adapted the pump to create whirlpool treatments for his child so he could have some relief at home. The Jacuzzi tub was first marketed as a therapeutic treatment option. Later on, heating and filtration systems were added on to the tubs, which helped to start the home spa industry.  


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