4/7/2021 Tip: How Venture Capitalists Make Money

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“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”
~ Thucydides


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Venture capitalists (VCs), unlike angel investors, are professional investors that invest other people’s money. Similar to angel investors, their goal is to earn a solid return on this money. In fact, VCs are judged and compensated by the performance of their investments. As a result, they are extremely rigorous in their investment decision-making process.

Here’s how VCs earn returns for their investors:

  1. Finding high growth companies
  2. Making investments in them at favorable terms
  3. Guiding and nurturing them
  4. Enacting a liquidity event. This typically occurs by selling the company or taking it public.

Understanding a VC’s motivations/goals is helpful when raising this coveted form of funding.


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Today’s Question: Where did Dell Computer’s first advertisement appear?

Previous Question: Where did ALL 3 founders of Apple (Jobs, Wozniak and a gentleman named Ron Wayne) work before forming Apple?

Answer: Atari

All 3 founders worked at Atari before forming Apple.

At the time, Atari was a leader in the video game field. Most great entrepreneurs gained experience from working at other jobs and/or getting mentors and advisors with relevant experience and expertise.


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