11/1/2021 Tip: How to Unlevel the Playing Field

Today’s Quote

“Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do.”
~Malcolm Forbes


Today’s Tip

You’ve probably heard the term “a level playing field” which refers to a scenario where everyone has an equal chance of winning.

For example, the desktop computer leveled the playing field by giving individual entrepreneurs virtually the same computing power as individuals working at multi-billion dollar companies.

When starting a business, you should choose a space where the field is level; meaning going into a market where you have a fair chance of winning.

But after you start your business, and/or if you have a more mature business, I encourage you to unlevel the playing field.

What I mean by unleveling the playing field is to make it so that nobody wants to compete against you. I want you to have an unfair advantage (using ethical tactics of course) so that you win the game.

So how can you unlevel the playing field? One of the best ways is to create organizational assets that your competitors don’t have.

Here are examples of organizational assets you can build:

  • Team
  • Customers
  • Systems
  • Products and/or services
  • Partnerships

This week I will be talking more about these organizational assets you should build.


Today’s Resource

How to Build a $10 Million+ Company

What’s the difference between successful multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and the typical small business owner just struggling to get by?

Well, there are a LOT of differences, actually…

But I’ve summarized the main differences on this page:

How to Build a $10 Million+ Company <—- 

The really interesting part is that you don’t have to work yourself to death to grow a wildly successful, eight-figure business…

In fact, when you follow this formula, you can make much more by working less…

How to Build a $10 Million+ Company <—- 



Today’s Question: What are the types of business environments?

Previous Question: What does the legal term “natural person” mean in corporation law?

Previous Answer: Human Being.

Natural person refers to a human being as opposed to a legally-created entity such as a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, etc.


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