How to Pitch Angel Investors

Written by Dave Lavinsky

After you have found an angel investment willing to listen to your business idea, the hard part of obtaining financing is still not over. You still have to pitch the angel investors and convince them of the viability and profitability of your idea. When you are coming up with your plan of attack it is necessary to keep three things in mind:

(1) You are trying to obtain financial capital

(2) You are trying to obtain human capital as well:

Many angel investors will sign on as an advisor or board member. This is actually a good thing as experienced investors and executives have the know-how to take great ideas from paper to the real world.

(3) You are trying to get introduced to other angel investors:

Many angel investors prefer to invest in a group in order to spread risk. This also allows you to get channels of potential funding in the end.

Usually the first submission made by a potential investee to angel investors is a business plan. If the business plan gets a “pass”, most likely what will follow is a PowerPoint presentation. Unlike a business plan, the presentation has a question and answer session so be ready.

The main points of your PowerPoint presentation should be covered as follows:

(1) Your business concept, as concisely as possible

(2) Stage of your business

(3) The uniqueness of your concept

(4) How your business is a solution to a problem?

(5) The market your business is in (a lot of research needs to go into this)

(6) How your business makes money?

(7) Who does your business compete against? (remember answering “no one” might indicate lack of research or thinking through your concept)

(8) Your management team (education, experience)

(9) Timeline for goals and milestones

(10) Financial Projections as well as sources and uses of funds


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