10/20/2021 Tip: How Big Is Your Market?

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“Success or failure in business is caused more by the mental attitude even than by mental capacities.”
~Walter Scott


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Venture capitalists and other savvy investors always want to know how big your market is. Since if the market is too small, your company will not be able to grow adequately for the VC to eventually get a sizable return on their investment.

There are two ways to size your market.

One way is the top down analysis. With this method, you say (using market research) that your market is, let’s say, a $50 billion market and we think we can obtain 5% of it over time. The problem with this method is that VCs often have a hard time believing such claims.

The better type of analysis is a bottoms up market analysis. Bottom up means that you forecast the number of sales you think you can generate each period (month/quarter year) and the demographics of those who will purchase from you (e.g., show how many people have a strong need for the problem your solution solves).

The bottoms up method is required to build your financial model and is best suited to convince venture capitalists to fund you.


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Today’s Question: What did All Nippon Airways do in an effort to prevent its planes from sucking birds into their engines?

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Rebecca Latimer Selton was appointed by the governor of Georgia to serve the remaining day of a vacated Senate seat, November 21-22, 1922.


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