4/15/2021 Tip: Hiring Right

Today’s Quote

“Confidence is the feeling you sometimes have before you fully understand the situation.”
~ Unknown


Today’s Tip

As you grow your business, the less “doing” (e.g., building the product or providing the service to the customer) you will do and the more “managing” you will do. 

So your success will be put into the hands of those you hire. Spend the time to hire right and to train them well. 

And if you ever have the concern, “what happens if I train them and they leave?” then think the opposite, “What happens if you don’t train them and they stay.”


Today’s Resource

Is Your Business at Risk of Failure?

Most businesses fail — they die a premature death. I hate to be so blunt, but this is the truth. The only thing that varies is just how many businesses fail.

What’s the number one cause of this failure? 

Well, according to Dun & Bradstreet, the primary cause is lack of strategic planning. 

Entrepreneurs and business owners don’t plan to fail. Rather, they fail to plan (which causes them to fail).

On this page I show you how to quickly and easily create your strategic plan to grow your business faster and enjoy more success.



Today’s Question: Sales of what group of products surprisingly jump 20% in December?

Previous Question: What popular video game company started out in the game card business?

Answer: Nintendo.

Nintendo was founded way back in 1889 by entrepreneur Fusajiro Yamauchi. Originally, Nintendo manufactured playing cards. Over the years, Nintendo got into a bunch of businesses ranging from a cab company to a hotel.

In 1974 Nintendo first ventured into the video-gaming industry by securing rights to distribute the Magnavox Odyssey video game console in Japan. Realizing the potential of video games, the company began producing its own video game consoles in 1977. Today, Nintendo is worth $85 billion.

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