10/2/2021 Tip: Grow Your Company with Financial Research

Today’s Quote

“Failure is not about insecurity. It’s about lack of execution.”
~ Jeffrey Gitomer


Today’s Tip

This week I’ve been discussing the different types of market research you need in your business plan to start and/or grow your company.

The final research aspect to conduct is financial research.

Financial research gives great credibility to your financial model and the potential financial returns to investors. Here you should research and present your industry’s average financial metrics, such as average industry costs, profit margins, etc.

When developing your financial projections, if you can include real-world growth and margin assumptions, your projections will be much more accurate. You will thus be better able to forecast funding needs, profit potential and better plan for your business’s success.


Today’s Resource

Let Us Conduct Your Research for You

Over the past 10 years, we’ve developed an amazing market research service in which we conduct the research you need quickly and expertly.

Having this research is critical to you getting funding (if needed) and having a solid growth strategy.

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Today’s Question: Upset by FAA regulations, in 1993 William Walts and George Richardson started an airline for passengers who could do what? 

Previous Question: With what product did the term “brand name” originate?

Previous Answer: Whiskey. 

Producers branded their names on the barrels they shipped out.


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