6/29/2021 Tip: Get Yourself on the Right Trajectory

Today’s Quote

“Keep your thinking right and your business will be right.”
~ Zig Ziglar


Today’s Tip

If you were able to draw a line from where you are now to where you want your company to be, that line would be known as a trajectory. 

Success is about getting on the right trajectory. That is, as long as what you accomplish today, this week, this month and this year progresses you farther and farther along the line (versus going below the line or stagnating) then you will eventually reach your long term goal.

To stay on the right trajectory, you must set quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Each goal should be set with an understanding of the larger goal. For example, figure out what you need to accomplish this quarter in order to properly progress towards your annual goal. And then figure out what you need to accomplish this month to properly progress towards your quarterly goal. And so on.

By creating and achieving these smaller, periodic goals, you start to ride the trajectory to your ultimate vision.


Today’s Resource

Do you have the right plan?

The right strategic plan for your business includes:

1) the best strategy to follow

2) a written roadmap so there’s no confusion as to what your team needs to accomplish and when

Our strategic plan template allows you to quickly create a winning plan.

In no time, you’ll have a strong plan to follow so your company wins.

Why play the game of entrepreneurship if you’re not going to win?

Create a winning strategic plan <–



Today’s Question: What is the average amount of time people spend looking for lost files and other items in the office?

Previous Question: What is the only way a banana tree can reproduce?

Answer: The banana tree is not able to reproduce itself; it has to be propagated with a person’s help.  

Sometimes it takes someone else to help you get started on your way to success. Don’t be afraid to ask for some extra help when your business needs it.  


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