Words That Work


Words That Work is an interesting new book by Dr. Frank Luntz. The premise of the book is that the way words are used can influence and motivate the way people connect thought and emotion, and thus influence them to take desired actions. These principles can be used for new and emerging ventures to attract customers, investors, partners, and to better manage employees.
In the book, Dr. Luntz discusses ten rules of words:
Rule 1. Simplicity: Dr. Luntz reminds us here that the average American did not graduate from college, and that words that you might use daily may not have meaning to others.
Rule 2. Brevity: Be as brief as you can and use phrases instead of sentences when possible.
Rule 3. Credibility Is as Important as Philosophy: People will not believe you nor buy your products if you don't seem sincere in how you speak.
Rule 4. Consistency Matters: By constantly repeating your key points, they will sink in with your audience.
Rule 5. Novelty: By rephrasing an old idea in a new way, people will look at you and your company as innovative.
Rule 6. Sound and Texture Matter: Dr. Luntz says that the sounds and texture of language must be just as memorable as the words themselves. This is the reason that many advertisements use famous spokespeople with memorable voices.
Rule 7. Speak Inspirationally: As much as possible, create messages that are personalized and trigger an emotional remembrance.
Rule 8. Visualize: By painting a vivid picture, such as M&M's "melt in your mouth, not in your hand" -- messages will resonate and be remembered.
Rule 9. Ask a Question: Citing the "Got Milk?" campaign, questions can clearly evoke a response and be remembered.
Rule 10. Provide Context and Explain Relevance: It is important to give people context (e.g., "why" it is important) before telling them your solution.
In summary, by following these rules, businesses will be in a much better position to influence key constituents and achieve their goals.

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Kare Anderson says

No contradiction here, it seems with Ideas That Stick bk by Chip & Dan Heath - just an overlap of mostly political examples, not surprising considering he's been a prominent pollster for Reps until the past few when they've ignored him... their loss.

Complementary to Cialdini's bk Influence.
Consider also reading The Paradox of Choices for insights about how people make choices in a world with many - thus providing insights into how we are influenced by our options.

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