Why Entrepreneurs Need to Drink More Beer


Last night I went to a party at a bar in New York City.

The party was organized by a successful businessman that I recently met. He was visiting New York, and put together the event so he could catch up with a lot of his old friends.

I didn't really know anyone at the event which was a little awkward at first. But everyone was real nice, and I soon got to speaking with several of the guests.

And what I learned from speaking to person after person was this -- the quality of the people in the room was incredible. Lots of extremely successful people in all fields such as business, medicine, law, etc.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because you need to be attending events like these.

Why? Because virtually all of the attendees could have been investors in your company. And many of the attendees had significant rolodexes and could introduce you to other potential investors, partners, employees, etc.

The fact is that successful people generally hang out with other successful people. So, you must find at least one successful person and hang out with them as much as possible. Not only will they introduce you to other successful people, but their success will rub off on you. I truly believe in the saying "you will become the average of the five people you hang around with most," so make sure those five people are successful.

I know what many of you are thinking right now as you read this. Sure Dave, it's easy for you to hang out with successful people, but how can I do that; I don't know any really successful people.

My answer is to get Advisors. Find successful people, perhaps local business owners, executives and industry "celebrities." And invite them for a 15-minute conversation over coffee where you get their advice about your company. Many folks are very receptive to these invitations because it strokes their egos.

And if you develop good rapport during the conversation, ask the person to become an Advisor to your company. And once you get them as an Advisor, you have your successful person. They can then spend time with you and introduce you to other successful people.

I'm currently finishing up a new guide teaching entrepreneurs the best ways to raise money. In the guide I spend a whole chapter on how to get Advisors since it's that important.

And finally, I want to comment on the title of this blog post. I say that entrepreneurs need to drink more beer in that they must get out there and hang out with successful people in social settings. If you want to drink wine (or soft drinks) in these settings, that's fine. I just happen to enjoy beer more (and for other beer enthusiasts, last night I drank Sixpoint Sweet Action which I highly recommend (pretty good reviews on Beer Advocate)).

Comments? Thoughts? Do you have similar stories about meeting successful people in social settings? Post your comments below -- I look forward to reading them!


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manoj patel for Motivation says

What is interesting here Dave, is when I go to conventions and seminars and conferences, it is not during the event that real relationships are built, they are built at the bar, at the get togathers after the events.This is where people are loose and tend to be be more amacable and receptive to future dialougue. Also if the person you want to meet or talk to is drinking beer, you SHOULD be drinking beer as well. If they are drinking wine than you SHOULD be drinking wine as well. This is the the power of the Subconscious working for you.
Posted at 4:45 pm
adam libman says

Dave, Love the post, and for that matter, your emails you send. So great to see a person do email marketing right. Thx for the constant value you put out. Adam. P.s. cigars works too
Posted at 6:48 pm
Egils Kļava says

Nice point about networking. To start a business you need to know the right people. Nothing happens in isolation!
Posted at 3:24 am
Chad Swain says

Dave, We call them a "six-o-five" meeting. A 6:05 meeting is really a group of CEOs who agree to meet at a local bar for a beer. Someone always knows someone and we invite them to our next meeting. We talk shop and there is always a good idea shared that no one ever thought about. You are so right about the energy rubbing off! Chad
Posted at 10:26 am
scott Jordan says

Great idea and very true . We created the site www.100funded.com while "tossing back a few" and the site launched yesterday designed to give business owners a resource for non bank capital . We would enjoy helping any deserving business owner get the money they need
Posted at 11:58 pm

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