Where To Find Angel Investors


I recently attended a marketing conference. The conference was geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners, rather than marketing professionals at large corporations.

As a result, I met lots of successful entrepreneurs.

Why does this matter?

It matters because having relationships with other successful entrepreneurs will dramatically improve your success.

These other entrepreneurs can provide funding to you as "angel investors." They can introduce you to other angel investors they know. They can partner with you or introduce you to other partners. They can help answer key business questions. And so on.

Importantly, I'm not a great networker. I mean, I'm not all that comfortable going up to people I don't know and introducing myself. Yet, I was successful in meeting a lot of great folks at the event.

How? I attended all the breakout sessions and the evening get-togethers they held. In these closer-knit spaces/events, it was much easier to meet people, speak with them and form relationships. I suggest you do the same.

One of the key points I want to stress here is the answer to the question I get all the time: where do I go to find angel investors?

On one hand, it's unfortunate that no one has a comprehensive "magic" list of angel investors. On the other hand, this is good. Since if such a list did exist, those angels would be bombarded with investment opportunities, making it too competitive for most entrepreneurs to use to raise funding.

So, one of the best answers to "where do I go to find angel investors" is to go hang out with these angel investors. And one of the key places they hang out is at events.

There are several types of events you should attend to meet these entrepreneurs/potential angel investors. The first are local events such as those put on by local Chambers of Commerce. Such events feature a variety of local entrepreneurs and business owners running all types of businesses.

The second type is industry events such as events in the software business or real estate business. These feature lots of great people who know your business inside-out and can provide great strategic and financial value to you.

The third type are functional events that focus on a specific function or discipline like marketing. The marketing event I attended falls into this category, and featured entrepreneurs in a variety of businesses.

Finding these events is also pretty easy. Simply sign up for industry newsletters and you'll hear about industry events. Find local chambers of commerce or networking group, and they'll tell you about local events. Or simply subscribe to your local business newspaper and you'll hear about them. And functional/discipline events are well publicized in relevant magazines and e-zines.

Websites such as meetup.com also make it simple to find the right events to attend.

Here's a killer tip: host your own event.

A colleague of mine created his own listing on Meetup.com. He set up an event and invited "entrepreneurs generating $1 million or more in revenue" to attend. Over 20 entrepreneurs showed up, and as you might imagine, HE was the center of attention. How's that for a great way to gain awareness among other successful entrepreneurs who could fund or otherwise help your business!

Simply present your event as a local networking event for entrepreneurs; successful entrepreneurs love meeting other successful entrepreneurs. And the cost can be very little; if you don't have your own office space, you can simple find a local bar or restaurant willing to host it in return for the customers.

Angel investors and entrepreneurs who can help you are all over the place. But they're not going to knock on your door unprovoked. So, take action by attending events or putting on your own event so you can meet them right away.


Suggested Resource: In Angel Funding Formula, you'll learn exactly how to find and contact angel investors, exactly what information to convey to them and how, and how to secure your financing check. This video explains more.

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