What I Told Him To Tell Her...


I got yelled at the other morning.

Let me explain what happened.

On Thursday morning, I dropped my son off at school early for orchestra practice.

Now, every time I drop him off, while he's getting out of the car, I shout something at him.

Like - "hey, tell that girl you like her" (while pointing at the girl) or tell that boy you like his shirt.

Well, right before my son left the car that morning he yelled at me. "Dad - stop shouting things at me when I get out of the car. It's embarrassing...."

So, I didn't do it. (and note that I never do it loud enough so that the others will hear).

But let me tell you why I do it.

To begin, for some reason, it cracks me up to do it. I guess that's not really nice, but I find it funny....

But more importantly, I was a bit shy as a kid. Not terribly shy, but I wouldn't have been the first person to go up to someone I didn't really know and say hi, especially not to a girl.

So, I want my son to avoid this shyness. Since it's not a good thing. To be really successful in life, you have to be able to network to meet others, and not be afraid to approach others.

And to be successful in life, you must go outside of your comfort zone. You must try things that might end in failure. You must do things that you know are right, even if they make you feel a bit uneasy.

Almost always, the fear dissipates right away. The fear of asking a girl or boy on a date. The fear of asking an investor for a meeting or money. The fear of calling a company who could become a potential joint venture partner. The fear of starting a new venture, and/or quitting your job to do so.

All of these things could have incredible results, but could also result in rejection or failure.

Without risk there often is no reward.

So I think all of us need to get out of our comfort zone more and take risks.

And be glad that you're not my son and get daily training on how to take risks :)

PS My daughter's only 7, so I take it easy on her...

PPS I will be releasing my Leadership Course this week. Most entrepreneurs don't lead the right way. And as a result they don't achieve the success that other entrepreneurs do.

The vast majority of the course will keep you within your comfort zone; you'll just learn the unique techniques that work wonders.

I believe this course will launch the successful entrepreneurial careers of many of you. So stay tuned.

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