What Every Entrepreneur Ought to Know About Internet Marketing [MP3 Download]



In this interview, I confess to my friend Ned that I really struggled with online marketing, before finally making it work for me.

Why am I opening up about all of this?

I wanted to share my experience so you can learn from my mistakes, and start getting return on investment (ROI) on your internet marketing even faster than I did.

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Here's the back story...

Based on the survey I did the other week, I discovered that most of my subscribers either haven't started marketing online yet, or they're just their getting off the ground. 

My friend Ned Tobey is in that same exact position -- just getting started. (Of course, there was a time, 10+ years ago, when I was there, too.)

Specifically, Ned recently joined GoSimplifi.com (offers financial planning tools) as their VP and General Manager. And, like most of you, Ned wants to quickly start driving a ton of traffic to his website -- while maximizing profits.

Anyways, Ned had a bunch of questions for me about online marketing, and I figured that Ned's questions were probably similar to a lot of yours.

So, I asked Ned if he would interview me about what I've learned over the past 10 years doing online marketing.  Luckily, he agreed.  

Here are some of the topics we covered during the interview: 

1. How I got started with online marketing (10+ years ago)

2. My early mistakes and (embarrassing) mis-steps

3. "To tweet or not to tweet," and other advice for getting started now

4. The most important first step of any online marketing campaign

5. Best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website

6. How to measure ROI (return on investment)

7. What you can do with a limited budget (of, say, $500/month)

If you're just getting started, or if you're frustrated with your results, this interview gives you a "mini" blueprint for online marketing success.

Click the button below to play, or click the link below to download the MP3.

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NOTE: This interview is 58 minutes long.  You might want to download it, or burn it to a CD, or put it on your iPod for easier listening. 



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Mark says

Hay Thanks for sharing your experience. Internet Marketing Company London
Posted at 11:16 am
Dave Lavinsky says

No problem Mark. Glad you enjoyed it. I definitely want everyone to learn from some of my mistakes (and replicate the things that are now working really well!).
Posted at 9:47 am
Peter Young says

Just finished listening to the intrview (burned the cd last night and listened on way to the office this am). Awesome stuff and really helpful. Thx.
Posted at 9:50 am
tado says

napakatagal ng interview n to kac paulit ulita ng mgas inasav=bi mo !!!!! crtaulo k!! wla ng sense yung mg sinsabi mio.. puro red leather chair langa ng naalala ko!!! paulit ulit!!! asar nakkainis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted at 12:41 am
Justin says

I love hearing other people's experiences with internet marketing. Our local internet marketing company attempts to help individuals with similar experiences with consulting up front. The ones that take the time to consult end up having the best experiences by learning from our experiences. Thanks for sharing.
Posted at 9:01 pm
Harvey Miller says

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Posted at 3:23 am

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