Want a $105 Billion Offer for Your business?


Have you heard about Broadcom’s takeover bid for long-time competitor Qualcomm?

Well, it’s happening now and it has dominated business news this week.

Because, at an offer price of $105 billion, if completed, it would represent the largest technology industry deal ever.

Now, big numbers like these can arise some intense emotions in any ambitious businessperson.

The first can be a testy combination of jealousy and frustration often expressed as the question - “why aren't big, exciting, lucrative things and possibilities like this happening for my business?”

For sure, a $100 billion+ purchase offer is beyond even the conception of the vast majority of businesses, but the usual slow-moving “business-as-usual” fare can get so old sometimes, can it not?

From here, it can be a very slippery and enfeebling slope to wishing a deal like this fails - as if someone else’s failure could excuse or justify our own lack of business performance.

The second emotion can be more pure and advancing - greed.

Of the best kind - that carnal feeling that there is money to be made  - a giddy excitement that there exists in the world enough wealth and optimism to fuel a financial commitment and risk of such an inspirational magnitude.

We read about that $100 billion+ number and feel that as and when we “hit on something” that there will be well heeled suitors to court and offer us value on our promise - i.e at a level well beyond our business and financial performance to date.

From this space of possibility and inspiration, we excitedly and urgently get to work upon our “big business things.”

Things ranging from those that arise strategically and opportunistically, like here with Broadcom and an acquisition of a competitor.

To those that arise from the launch of a new product or service - a Tesla, an Uber, a Dropbox, a Netflix, etc.

To those that arise more "softly," but for the vast majority of businesses are more accessible.

Like sales, marketing, and organizational initiatives that transform the perception that people have of and toward our business.

Now, what all these “big things” have critically in common is an individual who draws that proverbial line in the sand and says what “our organization is about conjuring up and doing big things.”

Once this line is firmly and irrevocably drawn, then the “sausage making” commences - the messy and hard work of deducing down from big ambitions the type and scale (and at what risk profile and requiring of what resources) - of business projects, tactics, and initiatives to pursue.

Which, at times, can be VERY hard to do.

Because, sadly, the vast majority of business things just don't work.

Buyout offers fall through, or when consummated don’t return the amount of value as initially hoped and planned.

New products get stuck in development or meet apathy when introduced to market.

New hires don't “gel” and transform our businesses as hoped.

The pull is always, greatly, toward that discouraging business as usual.

And it always must be resisted and overcome.

Because we live in an age where $105 billion buyout offers happen.

The money and opportunity is out there.

The only question is when we will join the party.

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