'Twas the Night Before 2009...


Happy Holidays!  In celebration of the season, and the entrepreneurial spirit, Growthink has created a video holiday card which you can view below:


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Sheila says

How TRUE! How WISE! ESS, Inc. is growing in ways we never expected! Recession SMESSION. There is no better time to be an ENTREPRENEUR! It takes a lot of inner strength to keep an ENTREPRENEUR's dream going! There are the ups and downs and the "oh, I can't do this anymore!" Then there is "LIGHT in the tunnel" that refreshes the dream to forge forward. So...the dream child of owner/president, Sheila Frazier, ESS, Inc. is now in it's 4th year...we say to those wanting to be ENTREPRENEURS...Don't GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM! Marketing is everything!!! Learn from others like us what is keeping the doors open! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE AT GROWTHINK AND OUR FELLOW ENTREPRENEURS! Sheila Frazier, President, ESS, Inc.
Posted at 5:07 pm
John Jordan says

So lets start growing my business to day.
Posted at 5:48 pm
Kalu Uchendu says

Waoh! This is quite educating.Keep it up.
Posted at 11:28 am
Allen Townley says

Well stated. Survival of the fittest. You can not manage a bussiness well without a plan and bussinesses not managed well are bound to fail. Make and constantly review and improve a bussiness plan. When the smoke clears, you will be a survivor and better off then you ever have been. Keep the faith.
Posted at 3:09 pm

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