The Three Year Plan

Number 2023

Happy New Year!  And yes the first week in January is a natural time to and set goals and objectives for 2023.

In doing so however, most of us think too much just about next year…

…and too little about the multi-year business horizon.There are some benefits to this, as with the incredible speed of modern business it can sometimes feel impossible to forecast market and competitive conditions and customer wants and needs beyond just a few months.

And…given high rates of personnel turnover endemic to our “low switching cost” modern workplace, it can feel even more difficult to do so from a “bottoms-up” resource and organizational chart basis.

But forecast we must.

Because it is only through longer – term thinking and planning that we access our “reflective cores” to conjure up truly breakthrough business ideas.


  • Leveraging our company’s intellectual and brand assets to develop new products and services

  • Launching new marketing campaigns to target new customers in new markets

  • Pursuing global business opportunities

  • Re-imagining our companies’ organizational charts and rewriting job descriptions

  • Better accessing outsourced, virtual and contractor talent to scale more quickly and cost-effectively

  • Re-phrasing our business value propositions and more pithily describing the best features and benefits of our product and service offerings

  • Redrafting our mission and vision statements – and by so doing re-motivating and re-focusing ourselves and our organizations

  • Defining, with laser-like precision, The Exit Plan for our organizations and for everyone in it

Doing all of the above and more is almost always best done with a Start at the End approach – i.e. visioning out to the future and then working backward from there.

How far should we look out?

The word here is that three years is best.

Three years is long enough to get to that space of the “unbounded future” (reflect on being three years older than you are right now)…

…while being short enough that the key actions needed to make that future business a reality must be “gotten after” right away.

So, let’s all use this last month of the year to reflect longer-term on our best and biggest business opportunities…

…the pursuit of which will transform all that sometimes humble and prosaic day-to-day work into something far more profound.

A legacy.

Give Your Business a Holiday Gift

The holiday season is a natural time to take stock of and pride in the accomplishments of the past year, while developing a steely resolve to profit from the awesome opportunities that the New Year is sure to bring.

For the past 20 years, Growthink has helped companies like yours raise growth capital and attain shareholder liquidity by creating comprehensive Growth Plans.

We catalyzed success for clients including:

  • Arganteal (software deployment automation) secured $611K in growth capital.

  • DNT Express (logistics) secured $2.2M in debt funding for facility expansion.

  • Get Candidly (HRTech+FinTech) successful  $1.6M financing round.

  • Halliburton (NYSE:HAL) acquired our client manufacturing process control company Ometric.

  • MPulse (SaaS), acquired by JDM Technology Group.

  • NativeAds (digital advertising) closed on a $4M venture financing.

  • Permacity, completed the world’s largest solar rooftop project and increased revenue by over 35%.

  • PayCertify (fintech), secured $700k in seed funding.

  • ViewQwest, launched in Malaysia with Indonesia next in line.

What do all of these success stories have in common?

That the entrepreneurs and executives running these great companies understood that whether you’re looking to raise capital, sell your company, expand current market share or enter new markets, having a solid growth plan and roadmap is indispensable.

So, in the spirit of the New Year between now and January 31st, we would like to give your business the gift of a complimentary consultation with one of our growth advisors to help you identify your most valuable growth initiatives to pursue in 2020 and beyond.

To accept, simply Click Here to arrange a day and time via our online call scheduler.

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