The “Second” Business New Year

With Labor Day behind us, now (September to November) is the time to make that big business push before the holiday season.

And this week is a great time to refresh our resolve and revise our plans to grow sales, profits and value between now and the end of the year.

To do so, let’s first ask ourselves: this year so far, what have been our most important business wins?

Which marketing campaigns have performed best?

Who have been our happiest clients?  Our best new hires?

Where have our most impactful cost savings come from?

More emotionally, when has our work been most fulfilling?

And then, of course, let’s ask ourselves what didn’t go well.

If we set sales and profit projections in January, how have we actually performed relative to them?

Which of our marketing campaigns fell flat?

Who were our dissatisfied clients?  

When, and why, did that dispiriting thought bubble – “it wasn’t supposed to be this way” – depressingly pop into our head.

Or similarly, those grating but insight-filled feelings of professional jealousy – as “all around me I see all so many businesses doing well, why not my business too?

The first week in September is a great time for “taking-stock” questions like these, because there remains time to still make the most of this year and not defer or delay our success.

And, of course, the value of reflection exercises like these increase exponentially to the degree that we are brutally honest as to the real strategic and tactical realities of our business.

As in asking how much of any lack of business progress is the result of mediocre execution?

Or rather, did we truly work hard and well but were the products and services we offered simply “off” from what our market and customers want, need, and are willing to pay for?

Or did lack of resources hold us back – as in available cash to undertake new marketing campaigns, branding efforts, to hire key new personnel, for R&D and new intellectual property development?

If so, then should we then seek to raise outside growth capital?

We can and should ask ourselves these important questions in all of the key forums that modern business allows.

In quiet moments alone and of our ourselves.

In strategic meetings and brainstorms with our key work colleagues.

In board and advisory board meetings, and with our management consultants and investment bankers.

What almost always comes out on the other side are new business ideas and possibilities, along with a refreshed vitality to work hard and long to bring them to life.

Yes September is here, and in a blink Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year will be too.

So let’s make the most of this awesome business season.

Doing so starts with asking of ourselves some challenging questions.

And ends with new business momentum and excitement to which summer, no matter how lovely, often just can’t compare.

Need a “Second New Year” for Your Business?

Feel like you have not accomplished everything you should and could have this year?

Need new ideas and a burst of better execution to get momentum now and toward the end of the year?

Facing a lack of resources to pursue opportunities as quickly and completely as you know you should?

If so, we should talk.

Click here and complete this short questionnaire as to a few questions regarding your business’ current status, and key goals now.

And we’ll reach out with our thoughts to help you.

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