Staying Home From School


My son wanted to stay home from school the other day. He wasn't really sick; just wanted to stay home.

I asked him what he was going to do if he stayed home. The list went on and on -- watch this DVD, watch this show on Tivo, play this video game, etc.

It started me thinking about how cool it really is these days to stay home. I remember when I was a kid, that the only thing to do was to watch TV, and that changing the channel required getting up and turning the knob. I also remember becoming miserable in the early afternoon after all the kids programming ended and I was faced with three straight hours of boring soap operas.

It is good to see that entrepreneurial efforts have triumphed over the past few decades. There are now tons of entertainment options for kids who stay home from school, and well, for everybody. On the flip side, competition has now become fierce. There are simply so many high-quality products that carving out a niche is challenging.

Today's entrepreneurs now have to create something truly remarkable to solve needs like better at-home entertainment, or go after another market. Today's competition makes it seem like it was so easy to start a company "back then" when competition was less. However, people will be saying the same thing in another 30 years about how easy it was to start a successful company in 2007.

Those who focus on the needs of customers in the future will be the ones to seize these opportunities today. So, individuals and companies have to stop emulating what's already available in the market, and create something new.

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Geo says

you hit the bull's eye when you said "individuals and companies have to stop emulating what's already available in the market, and create something new". I agree but as an entrepeneur myself its really hard to think of "something new", so the easiest and fastest way to do business is to emulate and just improve your offering against your competitors

Posted at 5:05 am

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