The State of America's Economic Leadership


The 4th of July is a traditional time to reflect upon and be grateful for the freedom and prosperity of American life, culture, and its economy. American capitalism - the greatest wealth-creating engine in the history of the world - remains despite stresses - the envy of the world in its ability to encourage and reward innovation and new business models. From the airline industry to biotechnology to the Internet, the great growth businesses of the 21st century are led and will continue to be led by American business.

This is no coincidence and in our view, America's innovation leadership will continue to lead the world for the foreseeable future. We live and work in a world that now more than ever, rewards creativity, entrepreneurship, risk-taking, and out-of-the-box business thinking. These "knowledge worker" qualities thrive best in a culture that encourages and praises free-thinking, diversity, and the pursuit of happiness as underlying principles.

So while American businesses and political leaders should take pause when observing and competing with the work ethic, sense of community mission, and commitment to education that high-flying global competitors like Korea, China, and India embody, the American way of free-thinking and individualism work and compete as well in the 21st Century as they did in Thomas Jefferson's formulation 231 years ago.

Happy 4th of July.

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David Pauling says

I am curious as to why you never state the obvious negative factors when writing about this nation's economy?
A GDP that is based on this nation's consumption of wealth rather than on its rapidly diminishing ability to create new wealth.
An out of control Trade-Deficit... exponentially increasing for the last thity-five years... totaling nearly six-trillion dollars.
An unfunded obligation to Social Security, Medicare, Federal and Military retirement... no totaling some fifty-six-trillions.
A National Debt that is nearly nine-trillion.

If this keeps up, we will soon be talking about some really serious money.

Posted at 4:50 pm
Rashid says

Congratulates on 4th July 1777 revolution of liberty and prosperity.

It is right that America leads the global economy in foreseeable future, but this era will end when it will hunt by the positive qualities of Japan, China, India as well as Korean peninsula, but be fateful for it and heir businesses can be hit by the terrorist intentions by extreme personnels to be submerged of the pioneer leadership of capacitated by Thomason Jefferson’s formulation of 231 years accessorial practical struggled by the Americans as free thinking capitalist venturous in modern history.

If she is not acquainted with new and powerful empirical geo regions in Asia having moderate and liberal inhabitants, while trust on them as well as cast away evils for their political and business relations, until they are preyed by the hypocritical and holocaust of extremism globally, meanwhile lest they are not chosen the real reliable friends and good policies of their precincts for profitable future business with social, political and business tiers along with the insertion of the evolving competing qualities of Asian giants to be in their areas as safeguard beacons for America, to combat the competitive forces in business Asian perceptivities a cradle of civilization. Without that the aspiration for USA as real global economic leader only a mire.

Posted at 7:11 pm

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