The Next Seven Days…


It's hard to say which is more unimpressive - the Washington debt ceiling “debate” or the media's breathless  “end is near” coverage of it.

I guess the media gets a bit more of a pass, as after all, they are running a business and know that “news” that preys on anxieties or fears - for better or for worse - just sells better than tales of progress and achievement.

For what it is worth, I will throw my entrepreneurial two cents into the hat and predict unequivocally that August 2nd - the so called debt ceiling doomsday - will come and go with barely a whimper.

Well, that is not exactly correct. Given that the US is a $14 trillion economy - over the next seven "countdown days" - approximately $270 billion of new economic output will be generated.

Which, for those of you counting at home, about equals the combined annual output of Amazon, American Express, Apple, DuPont, Goldman Sachs, Google, Southwest, and Time Warner,with their 560,000 employees.

Oh yes, in the next week also, approximately 125,000 new businesses will be started.

AND approximately 153 million Americans will go to their jobs, reflecting the nation’s over 90% employment rate. 

Perhaps most excitingly but not counted in the bludgeon of debt and unemployment statistics, over the next seven days countless millions of idea sessions will occur in conference rooms, around cubicles, at the coffee shop, while lying in bed, or in the shower….

which in turn will generate hundreds of thousands of new sales and marketing strategies, new operational efficiencies, new technology innovations, and new “go global” initiatives led by entrepreneurs and executives across this great land.

This is the real story of the next seven days.

And it will remain so for the seven days after August 2nd too.

Sure the country has too much debt.

Sure, our political system is maddeningly frustrating..

But for every one tale of woe you can tell, I can tell 10, 100, 1,000 tales of possibility and inspiration.

Of businesses striving, growing, prospering.

Of yes, government getting better – delivering services smarter, leaner, more effectively.

Of breakthroughs in technologies and efficiencies in our healthcare system, that ALONE can solve half and maybe more of the country’s debt challenges.

Of invention quickening at yes - a sometimes scary and unpredictable pace - but one that only the most confirmed pessimists among us would say is for more ill than good.

So watch, if you like, the Washington melodrama this week.

It is pretty good theater, I guess.

But don't let it distract or discourage you from the real story – that this 21st century of ours will remain the best time of all time to be alive.

And that America is still the best, most opportunity filled place to live it.

Don't let your newspaper or your TV or your radio tell you otherwise.

Or your politicians.

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