More Powerful Than Money?


In a book full of them, one of the most profoundly powerful points made in Oren Klaff’s bestseller "Pitch Anything," is the subtle concept of the powerless of money in the face of entrepreneurial initiative.

Now before you think that the book is some kind of "sound of one hand clapping" meditation, let me explain by contrasting how money operates these days in the world of investment compared to how it does in the world of consumption.

When it comes to buying things and services - of every type, from everywhere around the world –the liquid and creditworthy consumer stands omnipotent.

In fact, the buying options in our modern world have grown to such a dizzying degree that a whole industry has spawned around managing what author Barry Schwartz in a famous bestseller of a few years back termed "The Paradox of Choice."

In the world of investing however, money holds a decidedly weaker hand.

For when it comes to finding that magical risk/reward sweet spot, money has no price comparison tools to guide it.

No free shipping and certainly no money back guarantees.

And as for variety and choice, well these days investors seeking quality returns are arguably faced with worse options than at any time in almost of our living memories.

The so called "safe" investments - cash, treasury bills, residential real estate – have for a long time now offered only the double whammy of pathetically low yields and far more insidiously have proven to be anything but safe.

As for the public stock markets – the traditional world of “risky” investments – well the risk is still there for sure, but where are the returns?

So into this paucity of choice and return vacuum steps the intelligent and assertive entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur that understands that while this world of ours is awash in vast, mostly sclerotic, often siphoned, and usually very scared pools of commodities and inheritance - based cash, the "man (or woman) in the arena” entrepreneur is the ultimate, scarce global resource.

Because it is only he (or she) that can graciously grant and give money what it wants - what it so desperately needs - positive expected value and manageable risk - return.

In short, that can give money a purpose beyond the latest holiday bauble.

So in his book Oren Klaff eloquently reminds us (and very contrary to popular wisdom), that when money and entrepreneurs meet it is money that is the beholden one, and that is the beta to the alpha man (or woman) with a plan entrepreneur.

And, those entrepreneurs that know this - that work day and night to become and be this - never “need” money.

The opposite, of course, does not hold.

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