May 2022 Venture Growth Funding Recap

Written By Dave Lavinsky
vc funding report - may

Growthink Capital Research tracked $7.8 billion in new venture funding in May 2022 down from $10.8 billion in April 2022. 

The month’s biggest funding event belonged to Acrisure ($725 million) which provides insurance brokerage services to manage and overcome complex risk and insurance challenges.

Twenty-three companies raised $100 million or more in May. Other than Acrisure, the 10 companies which raised the most are as follows:

  1. Kriya Therapeutics ($270 million) a gene therapy company that designs and develops gene therapies for diseases with underlying biology. 
  2. Rippling ($250 million) an employee management platform that helps eliminate the administrative work of running a company. 
  3. Semperis ($200 million) a cyber resilience and threat mitigation platform that ensures integrity and availability of critical enterprise directory services in the cyber kill chain.
  4. Arcadia ($200 million) a clean energy tech platform that facilitates easy access to clean energy and provides users optimal energy control.
  5. Mosyle ($196 million) a device management software that streamlines Apple device management to simplify technology adoption and redesign workflows.
  6. Material Bank ($175 million) a material marketplace for professionals and brands in the architecture and design industry.
  7. Chainalysis ($170 million) a cryptocurrency investigation and compliance software that protects the junction between finance and the decentralized internet.
  8. Mainspring ($150 million) linear power generators that bring affordable, reliable and net-zero carbon grid of the future.
  9. Cribl ($150 million) a big data software that simplifies big data and log analytics at scale enabling businesses to get observability, intelligence, and control over their real-time data.
  10. Firework ($150 million) a storytelling platform that live streams videos directly on the website enabling brands to engage and convert their website visitors.

The hottest sectors for funding during the month were A.I./Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Business/Productivity Software, Cryptocurrency/Blockchain, and Fintech.

Key funding events in each of these sectors for the month are below:

  1. A.I./Machine Learning deals included Cribl ($150 million), Tifin (Magnifi) ($109 million), Vivun ($75 million), Lev ($70 million), Cornami ($68 million), Mashgin ($62 million), ($30 million), Element5 ($30 million), Heartex ($25 million), Accern ($20 million), Voxel ($15 million), Tenyx ($15 million), Credo AI ($12.8 million), Juno ($10 million), Bold Metrics ($8 million), Faye ($8 million), Revvo ($6 million), BalkanID ($5.8 million), and Kahoona ($4.5 million).
  2. Cybersecurity deals included Semperis ($200 million), Traceable ($60 million), Vade ($30 million), ShiftLeft ($29 million), StackHawk ($21 million), Phylum ($15 million), Concentric ($14.5 million), Network Perception ($13 million), ShardSecure ($11 million), Surefire Cyber ($10 million), and LimaCharlie ($5.5 million).
  3. Business/Productivity Software deals included Imply Data ($100 million), Sentry ($90 million), SirionLabs ($85 million), Observe ($70 million), Zip ($43 million), BuildOps ($43 million), Lumos ($30 million), AutoRABIT ($26 million), Kintent ($18 million), and Viable ($5 million).
  4. Cryptocurrency/Blockchain deals included Chainalysis ($170 million), Talos ($105 million), Xage ($36 million), Amberdata ($30 million), Oasis Pro ($27 million), Metatheory ($24 million), MetaKing Studios ($15 million), Azra Games ($15 million), Coinshift ($15 million), and Enhanced Digital Group ($12.5 million).
  5. Fintech deals included Unit ($100 million), Kard ($23 million), Concerto ($21 million), Possible Finance ($20 million), Allocate ($15.3 million), Equipifi ($12 million), Amaryllis Payment Solutions ($10 million), PayEngine ($10 million), and Pando ($6 million).

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