Lessons from Two Married Shrinks on a Bus


I just read this really interesting story about Dr. Doreen Orion in Psychology Today and wanted to share it with you.

Dr. Doreen Orion is a psychologist, as is her husband, Tim.

That's why she truly thought her husband was insane when he proposed that they give up everything and travel the country in a converted bus for a year.

But after two years of being nudged to do it, Dr. Orion finally gave in.

So, off they went around the country in their bus. And, during that time, they experienced it all... from a fire, a flood, an armed robbery and finding themselves in a nudist RV park.

Was it worth it?

According to Dr. Orion the answer is a whopping YES. In fact, enough so that she and her husband have decided to sell their home and live on their bus full-time.

So, what did she find? What did she learn?

Dr. Orion learned that "being comfortable" is not all that great. She said, "I hadn't understood how important it is to keep stretching myself, to keep trying new things. A certain spark I hadn't even known was missing suddenly came back into our lives."

The key for me is this -- it is the process of making yourself uncomfortable and stretching yourself when real personal growth and progress is made. As an entrepreneur, you MUST do things that make you uncomfortable. You can not let fear get the best of you.

Consider Johnny Carson who is well known for his severe stage fright. Fortunately that didn't stop him.

And consider the millions of great entrepreneurs who had the courage to develop their business plans and launch their business to the world.

Now, if you haven't truly launched your business, that is, if you haven't developed your business plan and raised capital (if needed for your business), then now is the time to do it.

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