The Kind of Luck that Every Entrepreneur Deserves to Have


A lot of folks are frightened by the word luck.

Especially for those of the capitalistic persuasion, luck can be a very uncomfortable word.

It can offend our puritan sensibilities.

Our sense of us as masters of our fate.

It can fly at the heart of that sacred concept of our American way of life, of the American dream, that if we work hard, we get ahead.

And if we don't, we won't.

Yes, shouldn’t our fate really rest not in our stars but in ourselves?

And then there is our entrepreneur.

Please let me add that I take an expanded view of who an entrepreneur is.

For me, they are not only those who start a new company - the classic man (or woman) with a plan entrepreneur, but they are anyone - in big companies and small, government and non-profits - that channel the famous words of George Bernard Shaw and do not just look at things as they are and say why but rather see things and ways of doing and being that have never been and say why not?

Yes, really all of us - at least every now and again - embrace this expanded “why not” definition of entrepreneurship.

And it is in these moments of idealism, of childlike innocence, that yes there is the kind of luck that every entrepreneur deserves to have.

It is the kind of luck Dave Lavinsky talks about in his upcoming new book “Start at the End,” that in the modern world, the old SWOT - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis - really no longer applies.

No, Dave posits that our brave new world is a “SO” world.

One of only Strengths and Opportunities. 

And in this world, every entrepreneur deserves the kind of luck that their hearts and minds are focused only on the bounties of opportunities that are everywhere around them and that they have the confidence and conviction in their strengths to go out and win them.

And it is in this space of "why not” that every entrepreneur deserves the kind of luck that is expressed in my most favorite of Growthink’s client promises - that we all honor each others hero’s journeys. 

Journeys of business, of professional development, of philanthropy, of parenting.

Really of any project of importance and ambition.

And it is in this luxurious space of self-actualization that such a tiny percentage of our fellow human beings are ever afforded even a moment's time to be in…

…that every entrepreneur deserves the kind of luck that they stop and catch themselves and are filled with that even more luxurious space of gratitude to live in a world like ours where so much is possible and for so many.

And from this space of gratitude that we finally reach that so fundamental kind of luck that every entrepreneur deserves to have.

It is that so exalted place where it is not about what luck can do for you - how it can make you rich and famous and powerful - but rather what you can do with the luck.

With it, how we can build and do great things.

And touch and connect and inspire those around us.

And maybe leave this world just a little - or a lot – better place than we found it.

May we all be so lucky.

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