July 2022 Venture Growth Funding Recap

july 2022 venture funding report

Growthink Capital Research tracked $6.4 billion in new venture funding in July 2022 down from $8.7 billion in June 2022. 

The month’s biggest funding event belonged to Contentsquare ($400 million) a digital experience insights optimization platform that helps businesses understand how users are interacting.

Twenty-one companies raised $100 million or more in July. Other than ContentSquare, the 10 companies which raised the most are as follows:

  1. VulcanForms ($355 million) an engineering company that develops scalable industrial metal additive manufacturing technology and provides advanced digital manufacturing infrastructure allowing the world’s critical industries to innovate, grow, and deliver sustainable impact.
  2. Monolith ($300 million) a manufacturer that converts natural gas to carbon black in an eco-friendly manner enabling industries to get environmentally sustainable carbon black at affordable costs.
  3. Whatnot ($260 million) a live stream platform and marketplace that trades limited-edition toys and collectibles enabling collectors and enthusiasts to safely buy, sell and connect with each other.
  4. Coalition ($250 million) a cyber risk platform that manages network threats enabling companies to prevent cyber-attacks and incur losses before they occur.
  5. Delfi Diagnostics ($225 million) a blood test system for the early detection of cancer enabling doctors to cure their patients efficiently.
  6. Everside Health ($164 million) primary care services including biometric screenings, health risk assessments, lifestyle coaching and acute care nationwide.
  7. Carmot Therapeutics ($160 million) metabolic drugs that unlock novel therapeutic target space not currently accessible to conventional small-molecule technologies and enabling doctors to cure metabolic diseases, cancer, and inflammation.
  8. Meati Foods ($150 million) plant-based food products that act as a sustainable alternative to meat and providing consumers with vegan food choices.
  9. LiveOak Fiber ($150 million) a broadband service that will build a fiber network to provide high-speed broadband to homes and businesses in Georgia and Florida.
  10. Powin ($135 million) battery storage products for the energy industry.

The hottest sectors for funding during the month were BioTech, A.I./Machine Learning, Business/Productivity Software, HealthTech, and Cybersecurity.

Key funding events in each of these sectors for the month are below:

  1. BioTech deals included Delfi Diagnostics ($225 million), Carmot Therapeutics ($160 million), Camp4 ($100 million), BigHat Biosciences ($75 million), Vicinitas Therapeutics ($65 million), Inspirna ($50 million), Novasenta ($40 million), Manifold Bio ($40 million), Persephone Biosciences ($15 million), Nucleus Genomics ($14 million), and Napigen ($7.8 million).
  2. A.I./Machine Learning deals included Contentsquare ($400 million), Diagnostic Robotics ($45 million), Dedrone ($30 million), Uplevel ($20 million), Tesorio ($17 million), Datch ($10 million), Syrup Tech ($6.3 million), FeatureByte ($5.7 million), and Cornerstone AI ($5 million).
  3. Business/Productivity Software deals included Eton Solutions ($38 million), PriceLabs ($30 million), Robin ($30 million), Zededa ($26 million), Switchboard ($25 million), Gordian Software ($25 million), CivicEye ($12.4 million), Provus ($12 million), and FairPlay ($10 million).
  4. HealthTech deals included Everside Health ($164 million), Tebra ($72 million), Elation Health ($50 million), Apriori Bio ($50 million), Particle Health ($25 million), Canvas Medical ($24 million), Sage ($9 million), SpinTech MRI ($6.5 million), and PayGround ($5.5 million).
  5. Cybersecurity deals included Hashflow ($25 million), Nomad ($22 million), Topl ($15 million), DSCVR ($9 million), BlockSec ($8 million), Onramp ($7 million), and Curios ($5 million).


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