January 2022 Venture Growth Funding Recap

Written By Dave Lavinsky
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Growthink Capital Research tracked $13.9 billion in new venture funding in January 2022 up from $11.3 billion in December 2021. 

The month’s biggest funding event belonged to Lineage Logistics ($1700 million) a warehousing and temperature-controlled logistics service to lessen environmental impact and minimize supply chain waste.

48 companies raised $100 million or more in January. Other than Lineage Logistics, the 10 companies which raised the most are as follows:

  1. Fireblocks ($550 million) a blockchain security platform to protect digital assets on the network. 
  2. Wisk Aero ($450 million) an electric, self-flying taxi service delivering safe everyday flights for customers.
  3. project44 ($420 million) a logistics technology platform that is digitizing the shipment life-cycle. 
  4. Bolt ($355 million) a checkout experience platform to drive e-commerce businesses with newfound revenue. 
  5. Brex ($300 million) an app-based credit card and expense management service to streamline finances and fuel overall growth. 
  6. OpenSea ($300 million) a peer-to-peer marketplace to facilitate the trading of crypto assets and digital collectibles.
  7. O9 Solutions ($295 million) a cloud-based business planning and management platform to transform enterprise decision-making. 
  8. Freenome ($290 million) a multi-omics platform to detect cancer through a routine blood draw. 
  9. Highspot ($248 million) a sales engagement platform to improve content optimization. 
  10. Lyra Health ($235 million) a digital health platform to transform mental health care through technology with the human touch.

The hottest sectors for funding during the month were A.I./Machine Learning, Biotech, Fintech, Business/Productivity Software, and HealthTech.

Key funding events in each of these sectors for the month are below:

  1. A.I./Machine Learning deals included Clari ($225 million), 6sense ($200 million), SparkCognition ($123 million), Labelbox ($110 million), Humu ($60 million), StrongArm Technologies ($50 million), Clockwise ($45 million), Sayata ($35 million), Spectrum Labs ($32 million), Deepnote ($20 million), Proton.ai ($20 million), Klarity ($18 million), Appvance ($13 million), Vectice ($12.6 million), and Avoma ($12 million).
  2. Biotech deals included Freenome ($290 million), Maze Therapeutics ($190 million), Metagenomi ($175 million), Korro Bio ($116 million), SalioGen Therapeutics ($115 million), Kyverna Therapeutics ($85 million), Ceptur Therapeutics ($75 million), 64x Bio ($55 million), Xcell Biosciences ($28 million), Gameto ($23 million), Concentric Analgesics ($20 million), VeriSIM Life ($15 million), Wheeler Bio ($14 million), Amberstone Biosciences ($12 million), and Ray Therapeutics ($6 million).
  3. Fintech deals included Brex ($300 million), Facet Wallet ($100 million), Novo ($90 million), Vartana ($57 million), Pinwheel ($50 million), T-Rex ($40 million), Alto Solutions ($40 million), Accrue Savings ($25 million), ClearGov ($20 million), Interchecks ($16 million), Flashtract ($15 million), and Gr4vy ($15 million).
  4. Business/Productivity Software deals included O9 Solutions ($295 million), Envoy ($111 million), CaptivateIQ ($100 million), BigTime Software ($100 million), BasicBlock ($78 million), Weka ($73 million), Appcues ($32 million), Zuper ($13 million), Zuddl ($13 million), and ReadyWorks ($8 million).
  5. HealthTech deals included Wheel ($150 million), Avaneer Health ($50 million), DexCare ($50 million), Vynca ($30 million), Little Otter ($22 million), First Dollar ($14 million), Ianacare ($12 million), Diana Health ($11 million), CRIO ($9 million), and Strados Labs ($4.5 million).

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