Ideas That Spread, Win


Seth Godin’s Purple Cow has a relatively simple premise that new products need to be truly remarkable in order to succeed. His book is packed with great examples and insights.

In this video, Godin starts off by explaining the failure of the sliced bread machine and explaining that ideas that spread, win. Worth watching:

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Emilio says

Very informative and interesting information on marketing. It comes at an appropriate time since I am starting a business plan and this insight will help me review my marketing plans.
Posted at 8:31 pm
Thomas Wall says

Remarkable, astounding; It makes me want to get in to the purple milk business!
Posted at 8:49 pm
Ali Anani says

This is a REMARKABLE video. The question is how to identify the early adopters to spread the idea. What are the traits of these people? How to scout them? I did some research on that. One analogy was people who venture in certain stocks before the herd jump those same people are willing to try new products. Would you consider opening a door for exchanging ideas on this topic?
Posted at 1:21 am
Morton Smiler says

I have been trying to RAISE Capital to restart a Business that will be the 4th (4) one in this couontry. My customers are driving me up a wall as I cannot fulfill there needs. I manufacture all of the items that Masonic Shrine, Greek Fraternal & Sororities use. Inform me as to how to raise the necessary CAPITAL and I will show you how fast I make the Funds to repay and continue growing. The ideas that I have are driving me CRAZY as none of My COMPETITORS give the CUSTOMERS new ideas in any manner shape or form. I was in the Fraternal Supply Business for 25 years and they knew that what I produced was quality and the Best possible products that could be produced. Morton Smiler, President,CEO, Smiler Masonic Associates, LLFC., email: [email protected], Tel/Fax: 215.673.7324 I have people that are building my Website and will do things on that WEBSITE that no other Company has ever thought of doing.
Posted at 12:19 pm
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Dany says

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Posted at 10:57 am
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