How to Find Angel Investors and VCs Online: Follow Their Blogs

Print has published an interestingarticle reporting that entrepreneurs are connecting with venturecapitalists on VCs’ blogs – and some start-ups are attracting funding throughthese new online relationships. For example, Paul Edmondson contacted Will Price of Hummer Winblad via his blog, and this communicationresulted in a $2 million investment in his online publishing company, HubPages.

Here’s another sign of theimportance of blogging in the venture capital world. When looking for a newanalyst, early stage VC and prolific blogger Fred Wilson specifically requested“no phone calls, no resumes, no emails” – candidates should only provide a linkto their web presence.

Social media is having – and willcontinue to have – a significant impact on the shape of venture capitaland angel investment in the months and years to come.



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Ken Winton says

I agree that the advent of social media is opening multiple doors that historically have not been available much less knock-able. I especially like the part about Fred Wilson (early stage VC/blogger)not wanting phone calls etc., but yet desiring links to their web presence. How easy is that and quite honestly if the site has potential the VC/Angel Funders will contact the right people at the site. If a VC/Angel Funder contacts me about my site then I know I have their interest!
Posted at 3:31 pm
Kevin Luckerson says

Just from experience, I know that the investors are out's just a matter of presenting yourself properly. Moreover, a professional website can present your business much better than a voicemail or a meeting at your "make-shift" home office.
Posted at 5:54 pm
Harry Nielsen says

The article would have been better if it had listed the blog sites for contacting.
Posted at 5:32 am
chad cobb says

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Posted at 6:06 pm

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Shedrack Wililo says

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Baidoo says

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Wisdom Wagba says

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robert heizelman says

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Sean Tierney says

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Ebony says

You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sihrang.
Posted at 9:18 am
Prince says

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