How to Find and Contact Venture Capitalists


I recently surveyed THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs about raising venture capital. And then I spent hours reviewing your responses. 

I went ahead and created a report that answers most of the common questions - specifically, about how to find and contact venture capitalists, and set up VC meetings.

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This report shows you:

* How to target the right VC firms (so you won't waste time
"barking up the wrong trees")

* What you must do before approaching any VC firm, or else
you won't get funded (no matter how great your pitch is)

* How to pinpoint the perfect person to contact at a VC firm
(who will actually WANT to hear your pitch)

* A proven method you can "copy and paste" and start using
immediately to set up VC meetings

* The 1 thing you should never send to a VC firm (unless they
specifically ask for it)

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You may be surprised by one of my recommendations (what you should NEVER send to VCs, unless they ask for it).

But as I've said before... it's often a good idea to take a totally opposite approach from most entrepreneurs, since MOST entrepreneurs fail to raise venture capital.

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M.Dumitrache says

There are, indeed, some key factors to be considered when seeking a venture capital firm. Besides getting referrals through friends and associates, networking could also help, as well as finding the funding source for a successful company in your industry You need to do some background research to make sure you are targeting the right venture capital firm. I'd like to suggest you this article about how to find the suitable venture capitalist: Thank you.
Posted at 2:46 am

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