How to Block out the Noise and Grow Your Business


If you’re not careful, all the noise, side issues and distractions that attack us all relentlessly can prevent us from propelling our companies forward.

Luckily, there are easy and fun ways to “block it all out” and focus every day on growing our businesses. 

First, let’s go through the “buckets” of distractions we as business people face, as each of them requires its own particular response.

First, there are distractions at the “macro” level – of the sordid and depressing chatter that passes as “news.” 

Then there are the distractions of entertainment and social media.

And finally there are the “micro” distractions that bubble up from our businesses themselves – i.e. the varying levels of productive and unproductive interactions (texts, chats, e-mails, phone calls, meetings, etc.) with the “human ecosystems” of our organizations – employees, customers, vendors, suppliers and the like.

Now, so critically, when compared to the general public, for business executives having a great defense mechanism to and against these distractions is extremely important.

For this simple reason that our opportunity costs are much higher.

You see, almost any executive, even those at smaller companies, has the power to effect and create millions of dollars of business value and wealth at any given time.

And the larger the business, the more profound that power naturally is.  At nine figure companies a single executive can make a multi-billion dollar difference in its prospects and value.

So to dither away all of this wealth creation power on…

… tweets and posts and texts and chats and the overall “tyranny of the nonsensical” can easily cross the line from wastefulness into the vexing realms of shameful and sinful.

Too harsh a judgement? I don’t think so!

Because in a modern business environment where the global opportunities for wealth building have never been greater, staying on task, message, and mindset every single business day is just the right, profitable, and yes FUN thing to do!

So let’s start with news and “political” distractions.  

And now let’s really be harsh – unless one intends to run for office or participate in projects and organizations that are authentically trying to “move the needle” as to our national conversation, then when it comes to modern news as business executives…

…it is far better to just “cold turkey” it all.

Because we have better things to do then to “sit in the stands” and ogle and rubberneck at the unfortunate train wreck that our national discourse has become.

And this “better things to do” meme applies also to entertainment and social media, does it not?

Sure, most of it is harmless and at times numbingly relaxing, but can’t we find more “nutritious” places to spend and invest our precious leisure and “turn it off” time?

The answer for where these nutritious places are different and personal for all of us.

But just like we know when we eat healthy or unhealthy foods, so we also know when we are feeding our minds and spirits candy and ice cream, or instead are vitalizing them with nutritious mental fare and influences.

And finally there are the distractions of the micro, of the day to day conversations and interactions with and among our professional colleagues.

Most of these conversations are what business actually is – i.e. “collections of humans” working together to create beautiful and profitable things and ideas.

But within each and every one of them lies a choice – to lead and participate in them from a place of idealism and possibility, and of “bonding” with the absolute best selves of our “fellow business travelers,” or…

…the opposite – pessimism, gossip, procrastination, thoughtless conflict, and assuming the worst of those in our business circle.

Kind of like how modern news, entertainment, and social media now operate, eh???

The choice is always ours.

And, as business people that choice is just worth a lot more money than it is for everyone else.

Let’s always choose wisely.

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