It's always fun to mix the word "entrepreneur" with another word to focus on entrepreneurship in that area. As today is Halloween, I decided to see if I could write an article on Hallowpreneurs, or entrepreneurs focusing on Halloween.

I assumed that in today's society, where new ideas, products and services are constantly being conceived, that someone would be making advancements in Halloween costumes, events, candies, etc.

Fortunately (for the state of entrepreneurship), I was right. I found entrepreneurs focusing on selling Halloween costumes on eBay and on e-commerce websites. I found companies creating high-quality, low cost costumes using the latest technologies. But the most intriguing niche that I found was entrepreneurship in the art of haunting.

Larry Kirchner formed Hauntworld.com with the belief that today, people want Hollywood-quality haunted houses. His site showcases haunted houses throughout the country and lets you search by zip code.

Terry Campbell, a former executive for a media research company, formed The Haunted Network, which operates The Haunted Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky and four haunting attractions in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Revenues for The Haunted Network will most likely exceed $500,000 this year.

According to the National Retail Federation, greater than 17% of Americans will visit a haunted house this year. It's great to see that entrepreneurs have identified this niche, improved on the haunted houses of the past, and are profiting from their ingenuity.

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Sumit Kar says

Yes you are right friend

This is a tremendous insight you have discovered.

but it is also a very challenging niche


Posted at 8:56 am

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