Growthink Launches Innovation Series

September 15, 2016 -

Growthink today announced the launch of its Innovation Series Webinars - featuring entrepreneurs and investors from some of the world’s hottest market and technology sectors, including 3D printing, drones, artificial intelligence, technology wearables, autonomous driving, and more.

 "We are doing this series of webinars because first, it is simply exciting and inspiring to visit with innovators - folks who connect the dots between technological change and business opportunity," said Growthink CEO and Managing Partner Mr. Jay Turo.

"And as an investor, I know that the only way to earn outsized profits is to identify businesses early, before they go through their "Hockey Stick" growth phase, and most of these kinds of companies are to be found in fast growth industries like those listed above."

"But as importantly, I am hosting these webinars for those of us who do NOT work in high-flying sectors, but who can benefit tremendously from the type and quality of innovation thinking and strategic planning as done in them," continued Turo.

The first webinar in the series - "Investment and Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Virtual Reality," can be viewed here, and the second "Opportunities in Smart Wearables," can be viewed here.  


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