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About three months ago, I went dual screen. That is, I switched from a single computer monitor to a dual screen monitor.

I had read that a dual screen monitor can increase productivity by 50%. While I don't believe this statistic, the dual screen monitor definitely saves me 10 - 15 minutes/day.

The dual screen is really helpful if I want to comment on website, for instance. I'm able to have my email open in one window and my Internet browser in the other, so I don't need to constantly toggle back and forth between screens.

I guess this is the test of whether a dual screen monitor is right for you -- if you find yourself constantly toggling between windows, it's probably time to go dual screen.

From a financial perspective, it seems very straightforward. Let's assume 15 minutes of time savings per day and a $50,000 salary (and a 2,000 hour work year). That equals 62.5 hours saved per year, which is a savings of $1562.50. Since a dual screen monitor often costs only half of this, it's a great investment for most people.

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I'd just like to offer an alternative... Why not just get a nice, big and sexy 21" or 27" HD monitor and resize the applications accordingly?

Posted at 11:20 pm
Growthink says

Agreed. One big screen and adjusting the size of applications also works well. Key thing is that having two applications open at once (in a size that's not miniscule) increases productivity.

Posted at 11:25 pm
dan the man says

disagree. i'm a recent convert to the dual monitor scene, and i highly advise them to anyone in my field. its been a big time saver for me, both for different applications in different screens, AND having the same application stretch across both screens.

also, check the surface area calcs for one large monitor vs. 2 small ones.

17: 13.3x10.6 = 141*2 = 282 sq. in.
23: 19.5x12.2 = 237 sq. in.

(from viewsonics website) the only specs i had time to find but it shows that 2 17" give more surface area than one 23". didnt have time to check prices but i think the 2-17" would win hands down. bigger is better ;-)

Posted at 1:44 am
Pete says

Yeah, I love going dual screen. Really improves productivity.
Posted at 9:35 am
John Hunter says

Very true. The business case for them is amazingly compelling. You can tune the numbers to far far far less improvement than you get and it is still a hugely profitably move. I used that argument to at least get them for our software developers. Really most everyone should get them in my opinion but I made my case and got them for the people that work for me so that made me satisfied. It is still silly not to do it for others that would have a huge ROI, but... For software developers both the improvement is greater (they have more tasks that benefit) and the cost of employee time is greater. You get a payback in like a week I really believe (and a second monitor is much cheaper now).
Posted at 6:45 pm
miyoko4869 says

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