Fun to Open, But Not to Eat


Today, like I do every Monday, I bought the company lunch.

A lot of productivity experts advise against lunch meetings as participants focus too much on the food, and not enough on the discussion.

I buy that argument. But I also think that everyone appreciates it when the company springs for lunch, and we often have high-quality creative discussions.

Today we opted for Chinese food. Last time we had Chinese was about two years ago. I like to eat healthy, and I guess the others have to deal with that guideline too when it comes to Monday lunches.

And with Chinese food comes the obligatory fortune cookies.

My take on fortune cookies is this -- they are always fun and interesting to open; but I just don't think they taste very good. But, I always eat them hoping for a better experience than the last time. Today, once again, the cookie tasted decent-at-best and definitely wasn't worth eating. I guess I have trouble throwing away food though.

The one thing that is so interesting about fortune cookies is that people always read their fortune, and they always think about it for a moment.

Today, my fortune was "By listening, one will learn truths. By hearing, one will only learn half truths."

So, my personal lesson for today was to listen more. To really pay attention to those around me and the things that I experience everyday. So I can better help others and better help myself achieve my goals.

And now, by writing this down, I am confident that I will get better at this. And by improving, my life will improve and I will move closer to achieving my goals.

What is fascinating to me is that it takes a note inside a fortune cookie sometimes for people (including myself) to stop what they're doing, read something, and really think about what they have read, what it means to them, and how they can use that information to improve their lives.

So, if you don't mind, I'd like for you to stop for just one second. Take a deep breath. Imagine that you had a fortune cookie in front of you. Crack it open. And read the note inside. And I want you to imagine that the note said this "Tomorrow, you will achieve all of your goals."

Now flip the note over. And you'll see that it says, "But only if you define your goals today."

As today was the first day of August, during our lunch meeting we reviewed our July goals and our July results, and we set our goals for August. I urge you to do the same. Because without defined goals, you can't achieve the results you desire.

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Will Conley says

A forceful post as usual. Well done, and point taken. Cheers. - Will Conley
Posted at 4:44 pm
Gershom Shanika says

I enjoy your advice my only hicup is my location. How easy is it to get fund in this part of the world Zambia in particular
Posted at 5:38 pm
Dave Lavinsky says

Thanks Will for your kind words. Gershom, getting funding in Zambia is quite a bit more challenging then getting funding here in the U.S. A key consideration is the size of your venture. If the market potential of your venture is sizable, you can go after investors from the US and throughout the world. If not, you'll need to go after local funding (if the former, fill out the contact form on our website and we will review and get back to you).
Posted at 9:36 am
Egils Kļava says

Good point – if you don’t have short term goals you will fail to achieve big ones.
Posted at 2:04 am

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