The Formula for Entrepreneurial Success


The other day I had the opportunity to interview two entrepreneurs I really respect.

The qualities of an entrepreneur I respect?

1. They've achieved significant entrepreneurial success

2. They've done it more than once, or over a prolonged period, so they clearly weren't "lucky" but rather know how to play the game

3. They're "paying it back" or using their entrepreneurial success to help others

The two entrepreneurs I interviewed clearly embody these qualities.

The first is billionaire entrepreneur Clay Mathile. Clay purchased Iams, the pet food company, in 1970. In the years that followed, Clay grew Iams from a mere $100,000 in revenues to $900 million and sold it to Procter & Gamble for $2.3 billion.

The second is serial entrepreneur Joni Fedders. With her husband, Joni owns and operates a successful decorative packaging company. And prior to that, Joni co-founded a technology services company that she grew to 100 employees and nearly $13 million in sales. Joni successfully sold that company.

Clay and Joni are "paying it back" now at Aileron, an organization that helps business owners achieve more success. Clay founded Aileron and Joni serves as President.

Now usually when I conduct an interview, I do it via telephone and have an audio file to show for it. But in this case, I'm glad Clay suggested we conduct the interview via video.

There were two reasons for this. First, video is much more engaging to watch and absorb the information (but if you want to listen to the audio on the go, feel free to download the MP3 version here).

The second reason is little different... Clay is an investor in Oovoo which is the video technology we used. For those of you seeking angel funding, that's what you want. An angel investor that can not only give you cash and know-how, but who is willing to promote your company. I must say that installing and using Oovoo was a cinch, and, as you'll see below, the video quality was great.

Ok...I'll stop blabbing. The interview I did with Clay and Joni is below. They share some incredible information. If you want to grow your business, listen to what they say, take notes, and then implement. I'd suggest you watch it twice; I'm sure you'll catch a few things the second time that'll make a big impact in your business.

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