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Actually, opposites do NOT attract.

Government bureaucracy does not equal economic prosperity.

Centralization of power in Washington does not equal representative democracy.

Regulatory complexity does not equal consumer protection.

Lawyers parasitically feeding off...well, everything does not equal justice.

Senior citizens fighting maniacally for their social security, for their Medicare, for their drugs, in the face of crippling federal budget deficits does not equal paying it forward.

Teachers' unions, fighting school choice and merit-based pay does not equal U.S. competitiveness.

And complaining about any/all of the above does NOT equal doing something about it.

No, if you want to help create good jobs for all of those that want them, if you want to insure a better future for our children, then:

Turn OFF the TV.

Turn down the radio.

Put down the newspaper (though you probably have done that already).


Start A Business. That business idea you've been kicking around for years?  Well, join the 6 million Americans every year (that's 3% of the adult population) and start a NEW business. In addition to pursuing your dreams, you will also be doing more to create jobs than the government ever will. Why? Because 2 out of 3 of all new jobs are created by new and young (less than 5 years old) firms. Click here to learn more.

Grow A Business. If you own or manage an existing business, go for it. Launch that new product. Offer that new service. Try that new marketing strategy. Implement that new software. Apply for that bank loan. If you don't know how, or need inspiration, read Entrepreneur, Inc. and Fast Company Magazines. This list, too.

Invest IN A Business. Supporting good non-profits is great, but even better is to support entrepreneurs while making excellent money doing so. Startup investing has outperformed every major investing class, with IRRs of over 27.3% (click here to learn more). Compare this to the Dow Jones (returned less than 1% annually these last 10 years), or real estate (2%), or the current cash/money market yield (0.7%).

Jay Turo
Growthink, Inc

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Wendy Nield says

Thanks Jay! You have spoken the truth in such a powerful way. I'm encouraged to know that people like you are leading the way to good change!
Posted at 2:00 pm

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