Entrepreneurs Can Avoid the Monday Morning Curse


Happy Monday!

Or should I say "be careful folks, it's Monday."Monday Morning Stress

Why would I say that?

Because statistics show that most heart attacks occur on Monday mornings.

And, migraines in children are most likely to occur on Monday mornings too.

What is this Monday morning curse?

Well, it's most likely the fear and pain of having to do something you don't want to do. Especially after enjoying a weekend where you were free to do what you wanted, having to face a week on the job or a week at school can be miserable.

That is if you don't like your job, or you don't like school.

Recently I watched the movie "The Invention of Lying" and one part that struck me was a woman in a business suit standing outside of her office building. To everyone who passed she said "I don't want to go in there today. I just don't. You know?" (the premise of the movie was that everyone told the complete truth).

If that's you -- if you don't love what you do everyday -- than you MUST CHANGE what you do. Most people have tons of excuses why they don't change, but that's all they are - excuses. Sure, change requires lots of courage, and it doesn't always work out, but change is the first step to progress. And it's the hallmark of successful entrepreneurs.

Now, if you come to work everyday excited like I do, I don't want you to pat yourself on the back quite so soon.

Are your co-workers equally excited? Are your employees and/or subordinates excited?

Part of your job as an entrepreneur is to make sure that everyone around you is excited and inspired everyday. That they don't dread coming to work. But are excited to work with you and the team to accomplish meaningful goals.

Very few great companies have just one person. Typically they start with the one entrepreneur who leaves their job because they are dissatisfied and want to achieve more. And then they recruit their team. And importantly, they infect the team with the same inspiration, and work with them to ensure that everyone comes to work everyday motivated and ready to achieve real results.

What are you doing to inspire your team?

I do lots of little things. Bagels on Monday morning. Brief team meetings each day to discuss goals. Company lunches once a week. Monthly goal setting meetings. Occasional moments of insanity (ranging from a funny joke to a funny video, etc.). Giving public acknowledgements for good work. Etc.

I hope your list of things is bigger than mine, because an inspired team will lead to more funding dollars (yes, investors love funding high performing teams), more customers, and more profits!

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manoj patel for Motivation says

Awesome Jeff, you hit it on the head. You can be all jazzed, and your employess have to be just as jazzed. That is what will take a company to whre it really belongs. Keep up the great job.
Posted at 7:58 pm
manoj patel for Motivation says

Awesome job Jeff. You hit it on the nail there. You can be all jazzed and you have to have your staff just as jazzed. Thats the only way you can build capital. Human Capital.
Posted at 8:00 pm
Miro Grudzinski says

Dear Dave; You made a point and hit the core! Most of people around can not stand what they do. They accepted things they don't like, give up their dreams. Full of bitterness and grim spread this "NOT BED" attitude, not only on Monday but through the entire working week. What a dreadful performance. I remember my first "LEGAL JOB" in Canada, after I had received my temporary Social Insurance Number (SIN) in April 1992. After being "NOBODY" with any rights to do legally any work, I jumped on the Maintenance position in the new "A" class building in Brampton, Ontario. You can imagine my joy when I could go to work legally on Monday without any "FEAR" of being caught, having FANTASTIC WEEKEND behind me. I NEVER COULD UNDERSTAND THIS DOWN TO GROUND, BITTEN DOG MONDAY'S ATTITUDE. HAVING ALWAYS PERFECTLY IRONED PANS, SHINY SHOES, BLUE COLAR UNIFORM AND HAPPY SMILE IN FRONT OF THE ELEVATOR (I PUT MY MASTER DGREE TEMPORALLY TO THE CLOSET), I WAS GREETING ALL NOBLE PEOPLE OF THE CITY INCLUDING MEMBERS OF BOARD OF TRADE, MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT AND OTHER SO CALLED "ELITE". You will not believe David, but after a few weeks of my exciting legal physical labour, I was called by my BOSS for a serious talk. And imagine what was the subject of this meeting. Tony, my former BOSS, didn't know how to start this conversation. Finally after my encouragement, he expressed his concern, and he said: "YOU ARE TO FRIENDLY TO PEOPLE IN THE MORNING. YOU ARE TO HAPPY AND YOU MAKE PEOPLE A BAD FEELINGS. YOU ARE A BLUE COLLAR WORKER, BUT YOU ACT LIKE EXECUTIVE!" Imagine this Dave. I look on my BOSS and I said that I kept my promises according to our agreement we made during my three interviews before I took this position. I work like a "DOG" taking all requested overtimes related to the constriction of the new offices which were done after regular hours, keeping this Brampton's Bus Terminal and Office complex in shining condition like a "GERMAN SUBMARINE" with sprinkler system in the garage polished with WD40. And here what I got, "UNHAPPY EXECUTIVES AND OFFICE PERSONNEL GOING TO WORK" WITH "NOT BAD ATTITUDE" and BOSS troubled with "TOO HAPPY EMPLOY". I do not want to continue my story, but be honest with you, I never was accepted in this environment due to my "TOO FRIENDLY ATTITUDE, BEHAVIOUR NOT MATCHING MY BLUE COLAR POSITION AND TO BIG VISSION AND DREAMS FOR MY FUTURE BASED ON MY SO CALLED SOCIAL STATUS "IMIGRANT WITH BROKEN ACCENT". As you know Dave, I am your great admirer and you are an exceptional INSPIRATION for me and many DREAMERS. I thank GOD for your life and YOUR EXCEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP IN THIS GREAT AMERICAN AND GLOBAL ENTREPRENAL WORLD. We, as the Members of Development Team of "SIDE BY SIDE WE ARE ONE" Project, respect you Dave and your Partner Jay Turo, hoping to tap to this great resource of love, care and professional skills and expertise, which you so richly spread to all DREAMERS WHO WANT TO TAKE A RISK AND ACTION. Thank you for everything what you do for others. Miro Grudzinski /Founder and Member of Development Team/ "SIDE BY SIDE WE ARE ONE" Project www.sidebysideweareone.com 1(416)828-0670
Posted at 3:53 am

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