Effort is Everything


Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck in her book "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success," addresses the fascinating issue of why some people and companies achieve their potential while others equally talented and positioned don't.

The key, interestingly, is not ability.

Rather it is whether ability is viewed as something inherent that needs to be demonstrated or as something that can be developed and increased over time, through persistence and experience. Incredibly important for entrepreneurs is the corollary idea to this -- namely that if you take on the belief that ability can and must be developed (as opposed to being something that you either are or are not born with) that great strides in performance are possible.

This "effort effect" is really a key success metric for emerging and middle market companies. In today's globally competitive, fast-changing marketplace, great companies are built not simply via aggregating talented teams, but via aggregating talented teams and creating a corporate culture that rewards thoughtful risk-taking and "learning on the fly" -- thoughtfully incorporating market and competitive feedback into managerial decision-making processes.

Another way to think of the Effort Effect is that business in the 21st century is not a place for resting on one's laurels, resume, or past successes. Rather, it is an increasingly global, level playing field where individuals and companies can rise from the humblest of circumstances, and via effort and imagination, rise to compete and win on the grandest of stages.

And make themselves and their investors a lot of money in the process.

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Steven L. Baker says

I hope because I am sure trying. steve
Posted at 9:59 pm
Duncan Mackintosh says

Carol seems to have missed a very important ingredient. You can have the best people,idea and plan on the planet, but without money, and lots of it,you won't pass go. Unless of course, you're one in a million. Growthink might just be the necessary catalyst one needs to formulate his or her funding requirements. I can only hope.
Posted at 10:36 pm
Lorita Bolts says

Posted at 1:16 pm
stainless kitchen sink says

Everyone would like to live an effort free life. The stress of striving for a better life can cause major stress, physical ailments and mental distess.
Posted at 4:29 am

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