The DogBall - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


Yesterday, I received an interesting package in the mail. I opened it up and inside was a shoebox. And inside the shoebox was "The Dogball." The Dogball, as I found out, is a new toy for dogs, and the founder, based in France, was trying to get me to distribute it here in the United States.

There are actually several important lessons from The Dogball as it relates to your business plan and raising capital. So, I documented them in a video since I had to make sure each of you could actually see exactly what the Dogball is:

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Sonya says

Thank you for sharing this Dave. I now must go back to the drawing board.
Posted at 10:09 pm
jerry brown says

Well done. I am a long time marketer who appreciates innovative approaches like enticing me to download and listen to an 8 minute soft sell commercial for Growthink. It was entertaining and I now have a picture of you in my mind and feel like I know you. You got me to your site and thinking of how I can use your services. To refresh your memory or to just touch base..I am developing a Social Enterprise whose vision will be to help 1,000 small towns in America organize and raise private funds to rebuild their mainstreet one small project at a time. When the plan is ready I will approach you for help. Meanwhile thanks for keeping me entertained and in your loop.
Posted at 10:31 am
Edd Jantz says

Thanks Dave. I am launching my first new product and stay at odds of how to approach introduction, funding and business planning. After unsuccessful attempts at licensing in which both licensee' were overly one sided, I decided to manufacture. I enjoy this challenge, but find it frustrating at times. I need to stay employed while my first product comes out of the gate and funds the many I have awaiting in the wings. All good business plans should contain essential elements to secure funding, one of which is a key management team. Well, when you still are required to provide income for your family while launching your first venture and can not form a "management team" due to cash flow, it is very hard to get things started. Perhaps the Dog Ball inventor is just getting out of the box to attempt a novel approach to getting his product out there. After all, you did produce a video and launch an email regarding the Dog Ball!
Posted at 8:45 am

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