December 2020 Growth Funding Recap

Written By Dave Lavinsky

First of all, Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2021 for all of us! 

Growthink Capital, our investment banking arm, just released its analysis of growth funding events that occurred during December.

It tracked $5.1 billion in new venture funding in December 2020, down from $6.8 billion in November. 

The month’s biggest funding event belonged to ShipMonk, an eCommerce shipping and fulfillment company which raised $290 million.

Other $100 million+ funding events in December included the following:

  • StockX ($275 million) an online marketplace for trading high-demand and limited edition sneakers.
  • Olive ($225.5 million) a process automation software that builds meaningful artificial intelligence to empower and scale humans. 
  • Everlywell ($175 million) a developer of do-it-yourself testing kits for a wide range of at-home regulatory-compliant diagnostic tests including food sensitivity, fertility, hormones, STDs, thyroid and metabolism.
  • Cityblock Health ($160 million) a personalized health system that addresses the unmet health and social needs of Medicaid and Medicare populations.
  • Oscar ($140 million) an online health insurance network designed to make insurance simple and intuitive.
  • LeanTaaS ($130 million) a hospital management platform that’s transforming healthcare operations with data science and machine learning.
  • Neurogene ($115 million) a developer of genetic medicines to improve patient outcomes for neurological disorders.
  • Neuron23 ($113.5 million)a biotechnology company focused on developing precision medicines for genetically defined neurological and immunological diseases.
  • Flock Freight ($113.5 million) a technology platform for freight and shipping services.
  • Dragos ($110 million) a cybersecurity company focused on protecting the world’s critical infrastructure.
  • Neomorph ($109 million) a biotechnology company focused on the science of targeted protein degradation.
  • Project44 ($100 million) a logistics technology platform that digitizes the shipment life-cycle.
  • Disco ($100 million) a legal technology company providing SaaS solutions for law firms.
  • ClickUp ($100 million) a project management application designed to increase team productivity.
  • Locanabio ($100 million) a developer of RNA-targeting gene therapy intended to address a wide spectrum of human genetic diseases with platform technology.
  • Wiz ($100 million) a cloud security company helping companies to secure their cloud infrastructure at scale.

The hottest sectors for funding during the month were BioTech, HealthTech, Cybersecurity, InsurTech and Logistics.

Key funding events in each these sectors for the month are below:

  1. BioTech deals included Neurogene ($115 million), Neuron23 ($113.5 million), Neomorph ($109 million), Locanabio ($100 million), Reneo Pharmaceuticals ($95 million), Atsena Therapeutics ($55 million), Genesis Therapeutics ($52 million), CG Oncology ($47 million), Peptilogics ($35 million), Exo Therapeutics ($25 million), Rubedo Life Sciences ($12 million) and Newomics ($7.9 million).
  2. HealthTech deals included Cityblock Health ($160 million), LeanTaaS ($130 million), Virta Health ($65 million), nference ($60 million), H1 ($58 million), Elation Health ($40 million), Octave Bioscience ($32 million), Curai Health ($27.5 million) and iVexSol ($13 million).
  3. Cybersecurity deals included Dragos ($110 million), Wiz ($100 million), GoSecure ($35 million), Salt Security ($30 million), Skyflow ($17.5 million) and Deduce ($7.3 million).
  4. InsurTech deals included Oscar ($140 million), Bestow ($70 million), At-Bay ($34 million), Salty ($16 million) and AgentSync ($6.7 million).
  5. Logistics deals included ShipMonk ($290 million), Project44 ($100 million), FLEXE ($70 million), Stord ($31 million) and CloudTrucks ($20.5 million).

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