The Current Market Conditions


The extreme malaise in the financial markets is unlike any of us have seen in our lifetime. It is discouraging and disconcerting on many levels.

As Americans it is gut-wrenching to see so many proud institutions and the country as a whole take such a hit in prestige, wealth, and reputation.

For the private equity and venture capital world's as a whole, the erosion of stock market value reduces the likelihood and size of prospective acquisitions and the buoyancy of the IPO market - which in turn drives down earlier-stage deal valuations and the general "doing deals" excitement levels. We have already seen the shrinking of the hedge fund world these last few months - look for this contract to start hitting the private equity and venture capital markets.

But certainly by no means is all bleak nor are we at the end of days. As we know, at the end of dry desert, green grass grows. Without question, from the seeds of the current market correction will grow the great opportunities of the next 5-10 years.

So, for those with creativity, resilience and persistence, now is a great time to start and/or grow successful, lasting businesses.


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Sheila Frazier says

Being a small business owner of a growing business, seeing what is going on with Wall Street brings into focus the fact that I don't want to do the same thing these big companies have done. They grew too fast and now in the face of crisis, they are having to close their doors. What a shame! It's like they lost focus who brought them to their success! And, to make matters more interesting they send pleas to the White House to bail them out. What about the small business owner who needs that extra help to go forward and become successful despite the Wall Street Crisis. We are our own strength. We strive to give our customer base great Customer Service never forgetting it was because of them we are being able to become successful. Lets not forget our staff...they are just as important in this picture. Without them....we fail. It is so important that we continue to support our staff and show them regularly they are appreciated and an active part of the company. To many times in a variety of industries, employers tend to forget the importance of their staff. The almighty dollar becomes more important to them and their staff become a number. This is so wrong! So when WALL STREET causes a crisis, who is really to blame? Why should the American people be stuck with the WALL STREET crisis??? Sheila Frazier, President ESS, Inc.
Posted at 6:38 pm
Steven Ruiz says

Jay... youre a great read. I love the enthusiasm. The feelings echoed in this piece are of the same sentiments that I have, and that I have been preaching to local business owners, visionaries and entrepreneurs (including aspriring ones.) In these times, it takes guts and precision to execute deals and in finding angles where money still hides. I congratulate your hustler attitude and your encouragement to your community. When you get to Miami, feel free to drop me a line.
Posted at 12:40 pm

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