Crazy or Persistent?

Man in glasses with papers falling from his bag climbing up a red rope to a cloud with the word Success

Pretty much everyone has heard of Stephen R. Covey and his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” It’s a great book which made it to pretty much every bestseller list there is.

But most people haven’t heard of Jacques Bazinet. Now Jacques may not be as successful as Stephen R. Covey, but he’s getting there.

You have to listen to what Jacques did.

Jacques heard Stephen R. Covey speak and saw the huge success he was having with his book. And Jacques realized that if he got Covey as a mentor and/or advisor, he could realize the same success.

So what did Jacques do?

He called Stephen R. Covey’s office and told Stephen’s assistant he’d like to come work for him. He said he’d come for a week per month to Salt Lake City to work on projects for Covey for zero pay.

Covey’s staff replied that no such job existed.

Undeterred, Jacques flew to Salt Lake City and showed up at the office. Covey wasn’t there. But the staff allowed him to stay and help with some projects.

The next month, the same thing happened. Covey was out of town again, but Jacques helped the staff out with projects.

The next month, Covey was there, and greeted Jacques with open arms after his staff said such great things about him.

Over the next year, Jacques spent a week each month side-by-side with Stephen R. Covey. He gained invaluable knowledge, mentorship and connections. And he’s since used these assets to exponentially grow his own ventures including the training firm InsideOut Development.

Was Jacques crazy for doing this? Or just persistent?

What about Chet Holmes. Chet really wanted a meeting with marketing consultant Jay Abraham. So Chet called, faxed and sent letters to Jay every other week for 2 YEARS. Doing so got Jay’s attention, which led to a lunch meeting, and millions of dollars in business they did together.

Was Chet crazy for doing this? Or just persistent?

I think in both cases, these entrepreneurs were persistent (ok, they’re a little crazy too; but aren’t all of us entrepreneurs at least a little bit crazy :)).

Do you think they’re crazy or persistent?

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